Bongkar Kamar

My sister and I created instagram accounts, where she and I sell new and secondhand stuff, go check them out! —>>> Bongkar Kamar and neldiska. They’re available for any delivery in Indonesia only


6 thoughts on “Bongkar Kamar

  1. Hi Nelda! It’s Chie met at the plane from Tromso to Oslo.
    How are you doing?
    I came back Japan that day.

    I hope you had a good weekend.

    Hope to see you someday in this world.


  2. Hi Nelda! Did you have a good time in Oslo? I hope so.
    When you come to Japan, let me know. I’d like to show you Tokyo and Yokohama.

  3. hi nelda.
    kalau boleh tau,kenapa anda bisa di inggris?
    ceritain dong historinya bisa di inggris.
    inggris adalah salah satu negara impian saya
    terima kasih

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