When It Was Time To Go Back

March 2017 I flew back to Indonesia. This time was for good. I packed all my stuff in Norway, sent many of them earlier to my home in Indonesia. A week earlier I did my last shift at work in a nursing home in Mid-Norway. Sadly, in my last shifts a couple of residents passed away. Them whom I used to look after. It was probably really time to go. I paid a resident a visit and wanted to say goodbye to her, telling her that I would leave, going back home to where my family was. She said, oh they must be really happy to have you back. Simple sentence that was very touching indeed.


If someone asks me now if I regretted my decision to come back to Indonesia. No is the answer. You must be wondering, why I made this decision. If I could divide my six years in Norway into 2 halves, so I would say my first half was the happy moments, while the second half was more lonely and boring, despite the fact I made quite some exciting trips. I also made a lot of friends, met new people, which I sometimes didn’t realize. But one thing for sure, my family was always there for me, while friends came and went. So, when there was family matter, I thought, it was time to reunite with them back home.

I didn’t really plan well my next steps, unfortunately. My first year was like okay, I’m back home now, let me just enjoy my time. I wanted to make myself occupied, tried to start a small business, that wasn’t well planned, which only lasted for some months. Which I didn’t feel like continuing since it cost me quite a lot. And those untrustworthy people I met. Sure, financial matter. Someone borrowed money and never paid back. Lessons learned. Reality hits.

So I was back to job searching and landed my first job as an English teacher in a language school. I wasn’t well trained but had to face various classes of different levels with many students in one class. With the adult ones I didn’t have big issues, but with the little ones, oh my. Once I saw my little students lying on the floor while the other one jumping over them. I was speechless. The other time some other little fellas said inappropriate words in a class, oh my. I gave up that class. One day when I was on my way to one class, seeing me walking, one of those naughty little fellas called my name, I was very touched, sorry kid, I had to let you go. I passed my probation period, but I gave my resignation letter and stayed for another month. That was it.

Less than one month after my last day, I began my training session in my new workplace. Still as an English teacher. This time specially for kids. Inhale exhale, it should be alright, I thought. I had no expectation. The reasons why I took this job is that I the amount of kids in a class doesn’t exceed my limit, I suppose, and the location is pretty close to home, so taking taxi back and forth doesn’t break the bank.

Last month it’s been two years since my last flight from Norway back to Indonesia. Next week I will have stayed in my current job for a year. That is an achievement. A big step. I hope all those nice kids I have as students now will give me only good memories and so will I. 😀

4 thoughts on “When It Was Time To Go Back

  1. Jadi inget puasa 2017 ya? Pas whatsapp elo ya, ngajak ketemu “loe mau tau kenap gw balik ngga, apa tunggu cerita di blog” langsung gw iyain hahah

  2. Salam alaikum Nelda.
    That’s a nice impression of you life by now. I start in the kindergarden next months and also beeing scared about how they behave. So inshalla all will work well.
    Let us have some more views of your live in Jacarta. Would be lovely.

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