Travelling & Waiting (2)

The flight from Dubai to Jakarta takes around 7-8 hours. I managed to watch 3 films, one Indonesian, one Japanese and Korean on my way to Jakarta. This home trip I dedicated my time to watch Asian films. Goodie… And guess what, I started to remember some Korean actor names after this trip. 😀

I arrived at Jakarta International airport late afternoon and as usual, nobody picked me up. That was the deal. I am used to taking the bus. It was just easy and reasonable. It wasn’t the busiest time at the airport, I guess. When I came to the bus station, I saw my bus immediately so I got on it. I paid around 60.000 Rupiah. If I were lucky, it could take me only one hour to get to the destination, but normally it takes 1,5 to 2 hours, if there is no bad traffic. On my way, usually I text my father so he could pick me up at the bus station at destination and it takes about 15-20 minutes by car to my home.


When it was time to end my trip home, I took Uber to the airport, it cost me only about double of the price of the bus, so it was good. The traffic in Jakarta is unpredictable, I’d better leave early, eventhough I would prefer to stay at home a little bit longer. I checked in all my luggages and chose a restaurant where I could enjoy a bowl of chicken noodle and a bottle of ice tea before boarding.

Having arrived at the D gate, the staff scanned my boarding pass. The female staff told me they had to hold my boarding pass and would call me later, and something crossed my mind immediately: Upgrading to business class, eh? I sat for another while, then the call. Yes, I got my business class boarding pass. 😀 It means, I could sleep flat on my back on the plane, oh yeah. 😀 I was upgraded by Emirates twice before and this was the first time I got it for Jakarta-Dubai route which was longer. I spent my time watching 2 Japanese films, eating, then sleeping for about 3 hours.


So, I was kind of prepared to wait for quite a while at Dubai airport. I had changed my ticket so I could stay at home a few days longer, but the cheapest alternative required me to wait at Dubai for 8 hours. Oh well. I did walk around the airport, window shopping, eating McDonalds this time, reading an Indonesian book. The last hour it was pretty hard since I was soo sleepy, I could just fall asleep anytime, but I tried hard to keep myself awake. Then another 6,5 hours to fly to Oslo. And it was not the end. I had to take another 7 hour journey by train to Trondheim. I was really in a good sleep when the train was approaching the final destination, so one of the girls who sat near where I was had to wake me up 😀 I got up right away and picked up my things. When I left my carriage, I realised I didn’t have my rucksack with me, I panicked. My camera and other important stuff in it! I was really confused, didn’t know what to do. Man, I lost it, so I thought. Then I walked towards the stairs and I saw some bags were left outside the other carriage. There I saw my rucksack. Apparently the staff thought it was one of those bags that people left behind. Oh my, I felt so happy. I got everything, then took the cab home.

The highlights of this trip back home were to watch fully Asian movies during the flights, to get to know a Korean girl (that I can call a friend), and to be upgraded to Business class for the third time – thanks, Emirates!). However tiring, I feel that this kind of journey is something that I am often looking forward to. 😀

See you on the next journey! 😉

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