Travelling & Waiting (1)

This is a story about my travelling home this summer 2016. Of course, I was looking forward to it so much. But I knew that I would go through lots of waitings before I could step into my parents’ house, to sit down and rest. I was thinking to share it with you, so you know. 😀

I finished my evening shift at work at around 10pm and my flight to Oslo was 6.40 in the next morning. If I went home, I would arrive around midnight, have a few hours’ sleep, then have to take taxi to the nearest bus stop to catch the bus to the airport. I thought it would be as exhausting as waiting at the airport until the next morning, which I had done before once, last year. A colleague offered me a lift to the airport after work, (it was very kind of her, thanks a lot, Jenny!) so I thought I would take that offer and spend the calm night at the calm Trondheim airport. I occupied myself by watching youtube videos. Around 3-4am I started to get really sleepy, I think I slept a few times for a couple of minutes. So it wasn’t really a good night sleep. Around 5am I started to drag my luggages to the check-in counter and let myself go through the security control. Then I was ready to do another waiting for my first flight.

One hour later I arrived at Oslo Gardermoen airport. Since I was lacking of sleep, and Emirates counter wasn’t open until 11am, I let myself sit on one of few seats at the airport. Tired, didn’t feel like talking to anybody, wasn’t creative enough to think about something exciting to do whilst waiting, I was like a zombie. Nothing special happened prior to departure, which was just good, because it means everything was going well. Then off to fly about 6,5 hours to Dubai.

Having layover at Dubai airport about 4,5 hours was not bad at all. There would be enough time to pray, window-shop, sit down and eat. If you take Emirates and have layover longer than 4 hours, you are entitled to get meal voucher that you can use to get some free meals from the restaurants listed. My choice would be Burger King, McDonalds (Yeah, I know it’s fast food, but sometimes I am craving for that 😛 and once I tried rice and shrimp at Ocean Basket and it was surprisingly good. The choice was either fish and chips or that rice menu. Fish and Chips? Come on, I would just eat that when I am on British soil. 😀

Standing in front of the counter at Ocean Basket after handing over my voucher and telling the man behind the counter which menu I would like to have, I noticed an oriental looking girl who was standing near me. She could be Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese. In fact, she is South Korean. She was the one who asked me first: Have you been waiting here long? Then we talked more. And we decided to sit and eat together and continued our talk. She just came from her holidays in Europe. That was probably the longest conversation I ever had in my layover at Dubai airport experience, while we were eating up our rice dish. Which was again, so good! Thanks, Ocean Basket! Thanks for the company, Ronnie! 🙂


It doesn’t always happen that you find these empty chairs like this at Dubai airport. Grab one if you do. And happy waiting! 😀

To be continued…


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