Tips For Bus Trips

There were some bus companies that I checked out prior to my bus trips in the previous post Summer Bus Trips 2016. I give you their links, who knows, they might be useful for your future trips here in Europe. 😉

National ExpressEurolinesFlixbusMegabusOuibus, Swebus

I took pics some of the buses, but as I mentioned in the previous blogpost, my mobile phone was one day all of a sudden dead so I lost all the pics in it, including from these trips. 😦

Before deciding to take bus trips that might involve long hours, I suppose getting cheap tickets is the main reason. Here I let you know how much I spent for each trip.

London-Amsterdam 39Euro with Ouibus

Amsterdam-Copenhagen 69.50Euro with Flixbus

Copenhagen-Oslo 259Swedish Kroner or about 27Euro with Swebus

I continued my trip by train from Oslo to Trondheim, which cost me 549Norwegian Kroner or about 59Euro.

I didn’t plan my trips very long time in advance, if I did, I could have got cheaper prices than what I got here. But I was already happy with the results and for this I saved money already. Everything cost me less than 2000NOK, whereas if I got flight ticket somewhere back to Norway at that time, would cost much more than this.

But there are other things that might be taken into consideration when you plan bus trip:

  1. Make sure that you are not car/bus sick.
  2. Even if you aren’t car sick, make sure that you have enough meal prior to departure. Some long-hour bus trip might stop somewhere for a little break, but sometimes the stop doesn’t give you the choice of food you would like. So, bring your own food and drink!
  3. Use your jacket as a pillow, if you have no possibility to bring a small pillow with you.
  4. Bring something that you will occupy yourself with, for example: smartphone, so you can browse (don’t forget the powerbank, in some buses they provide electrical socket and wifi), or books and music.
  5. You know where you’ll depart and arrive. Sometimes some departures and arrivals are at wee times, so you need to know where and what kind of station you’ll end up.
  6. The most important of all is your happy mood, and enjoy the ride! 😀

You have any other tips? 🙂

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