Summer Bus Trips 2016

Failed in finding reasonable flight tickets to bring me back to Norway, I decided bus trips would do. After having done a bit of research of what I should take and which route, I started my first bus trip at Victoria Coach Station in London, heading to Amsterdam, The Netherlands. I bought Ouibus ticket. We were supposed to take off at 10pm, but no sign of the bus on the scheduled time. The downside of this only online transport is that there was nobody to ask at the station. I checked the website and found out their working hours were not including Sunday late evening. I was juggling the decision if I stay or start finding accommodation. The good thing, perhaps, that the other passengers were still waiting as well. I talked to nobody, but I paid attention which one this London-Amsterdam bus’ passengers were.

London Victoria st

The only pic saved from the journey, some of the passengers of London-Amsterdam Ouibus that night. We had strong belief that the bus would arrive somehow. 🙂 

After 2,5 hours late, the bus finally came. Later, back in Norway, I made complaint to Ouibus, and they were pretty responsive and I got a voucher with 10 Euro value for my next bus trip. I haven’t planned anything at this point yet, though.

Our route was Dover-Calais-Brussels-Amsterdam, that’s what I remember, since most of the time I slept on the way. 😀 We arrived at Sloterdijk station in Amsterdam around midday, around 12-1pm (It was about 12 hour journey). I had about half day in Amsterdam. My next bus departed at 9.15pm. I had thought of Amsterdam for this trip, since I wanted to make pics of the canals. But alas, all the pics were gone. I enjoyed all the walkings I made there, though, another visit to Wagamama and a bit of shopping. Is this the sign that we’ll see again, Amsterdam, yes? 😀

My Flixbus came to the appointed time, apart from the bus driver who was smoking while checking the passengers in, the trip was just great. I slept nearly all the way, awake only when it was border and passport control time. My next destination was Copenhagen, Denmark. It was more or less another 12 hour journey. When I arrived the next morning in Copenhagen, I realised that I have made more than half way. 😀

I didn’t spend much time in Copenhagen, only a few hours. As the whole trip was absolutely on budget, I didn’t feel like walking too much either, so I stayed most of the time at the station, enjoying my chocolate cake. I also realised how expensive Copenhagen is. I mean, I know Oslo is also expensive, but when I arrived at Oslo station about 8 hours later, the supermarket was still open and I was so excited to buy something familiar with familiar prices as well. 😀 My bus trips ended but, my trip would continue with 7-hour train journey to Trondheim. Then local bus to home.

I departed Sunday night or Monday after midnight, I got back home on Wednesday morning. I visited Amsterdam and Copenhagen on the way, passed 6 countries (France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Sweden), got through many border/passport controls (they did too when we stopped at Hamburg station). All was only less than a week. When I think about that, oh my, how could I do that? 😀


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