Hey London!

I got invitation from UK in June, but due to this and that, I missed that. But I still thought of why not getting UK visa anyway. For that I had to first fill out the application form – it took a while, especially answering the question regarding the last 10 years of travel experience, maaan, I felt like having an exam haha…I had to gather all the information related to it. It was such a huge relief to finally finish the application form. Then I got the appointment at the visa centre in Oslo. Yes, which means I had to go to Oslo for that. The payment I made when applying for the visa was including the courier service when the visa process done. So I didn’t need to go to Oslo to collect it. But yeah, it took about 3 weeks. And the day when I was tracking the delivery, it was good to see that yellow DHL van paying a visit. 😀

Brexit made me somehow a bit doubtful about my trip. Anyway, I noticed that I had about a week off from my summer job and had a think oh well, London calling? I found pretty reasonable direct flight to London, but, sad news, no possible flight tickets back to Norway that was around my budget. 😦

After a few days of searching the best way to get back before my work would start again, I found bus trip would be the choice. It would take longer time, of course, but still way cheaper and I would get the chance to see a bit of some cities. This story comes later. But first: Hey again, London!

The original pic above and instagrammed one below, but I think both are stunning, even not in the most glorious weather.

Having spent 2 nights in London was quite good time to check how still familiar I was with the city. I lived in London in 2005, before and after this period of time I visited the city a few times. I still got on well, in fact. 😀

It was warm with a lot of sunshine. Perfect. Oh well, it was a bit warm in the double decker without air conditioner, though. But, I shouldn’t complain so much. I finally made it to come to Harrods haha…it was a bit tough to stroll around the glamorous shopping centre while one is on tight budget. 😛








I found these pairs of Fendi kids shoes, so cute…but I guess it was out of budget for my little nephew. 😛

I was hosted by my Filipina friend Imee and accompanied by her cousin to make another trip to catch a glimpse of more London views on my last day in London. Imee had to be at work, but we caught up in the evening.


We had Kebab evening together, it was good time and good food.

This trip was made in the middle of July and on my birthday in August my phone was dead so I lost all the saved files, pics and numbers in it. So, there are not many pics I can show here, unfortunately. Perhaps it means, see you again soon, London? 😉



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