Hey, It’s Been A While…

Like anyone was wondering 😛 Two months without blogposts, how have I been doing? It’s summer holidays now and weather is changing pretty often. It can be pretty warm (but still cold when you are in shade), not really tropical warm, if you are wondering. 😀 But anyway people here are basically happy with summer time. (Me too! Yeay!!) 😀

And I…have been just fine. Healthy, that is the most important thing. Happy, in general. Well, there were some moments when I had severe boredom. Nothing in the world is quite so awful as boredom, I read. Therefore, and with some other consideration, I decided to move to bigger place.


On the way to the new place, it was cloudy with the chance of less boring life. 😛

I had the idea of moving actually already in the beginning of this year. I just realised I started to get bored already last year haha, oh my… but because I realised the financial consequence that might follow that decision, I  would just wait until I finish my school. Or so I thought. But I stick to the moving decision eventually.


While I was searching for a new place, I found that a friend of mine was looking for a flatmate. I contacted her right away and not so long story short, decision was made. It was even faster than I thought. The fact that my former landlady found already somebody who would move to my old flat, then ok, it was meant to be then.


This was the first shot I took after I was finished with moving, just a stone’s throw away from where I live. Nice. It feels like holiday home. 😀


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