Five Years In Norway

Yes. I never thought that I’d live here that long. But that’s the fact. When in 2011, my 5th time to Norway since I started first in 2001, in the first month, surprisingly I already felt that I’d like to be here longer than a year. So that’s what I did.

Norsk flag

Celebrating the Norwegian National Day on 17th of May is important as you’re part of the society. At least you raise that flag, yes! Gratulerer med dagen! 😀 

After about 2 years having always had breakfast and supper with bread and different kinds of spread, and yes, to eat more rice haha, I decided it was time for me to have my own adventure, by starting to study. I even didn’t bother about location. Which gave me quite lesson to learn later, what is actually important things in life.


The longer I’ve been here I find it important to be surrounded with people you love and enjoy being with. Even if you live in the richest country, if you only spend the time on your own, be alone and lonely and have nobody to share things with, it’s just an empty life.

So this month, let me celebrate this 5 years of being here. A few weeks before this happened, however, I experienced some new things, that is not always great, but again, lessons! The first time I went to see a doctor here. Nothing really bad, it was just I got a cold already 2 weeks and I just thought, yeah probably this was the time to get to know a doctor here! 😀  And one more thing, despite the fact that I enjoy travelling, still I made some mistakes. A couple of times I bought some tickets that I didn’t use, and once I bought the wrong ticket, but this time, perhaps the worst, I missed my flight to Indonesia. How come? I came only a minute late to the check-in counter, when they were closing and tidying up all the things. I was numb. They said: Go to the ticketing counter! That was what I did. And the ticketing man did a wonder, so I could fly two days later. I had two days less of being with my family, but still I was grateful that I could make it anyway.

Ok, here are the things I’ll say about Norway after my five years.

  1. Rich – As people know, this is one of the richest countries in the world, with high human development index. What people know as well, maybe not all, that Norway got rich because of oil that they just discovered in late 60s. What I admire the most is the way they invest/share all the money they got from it, they think of the future, not only for short term. Very wise. But still, in spite of the fact they are rich, it doesn’t mean everybody lives in luxury. It costs to get many things. It takes a lot of hard work to live as you might expect, not forget to mention that it’s hard to get out of your house when it’s so much snow outside. 😛


    This is what might look like outside your house in winter 😛 

  2. Nice people – I’ll still say people are pretty nice, kind and decent up here. Of course, not everything is golden, and I don’t expect that everybody wants to be my friends. People swear here as well, but I find it, even the swear words here don’t sound like swear words. 😀 People don’t get emotional here. Even I had known about this, still they told me. In a few occasions I felt that I was the most emotional person in the world surrounded by Norwegians, and I’m a pretty calm person in general. 😀


    My film group in the first year of my study.

  3. Amazing landscape – the country is vast with amazing landscape nearly spread everywhere, depends on what you like. Fjords? Mountains? Winter wonderland? Fishing? I try to travel around in this country, but still a great amount of places that I haven’t been to. Lucky that I’ve been Tromsø and Bergen a few times (these two places are a must visit for Norway first timer, in my opinion) and lived in Harstad for a year. But I’ve lived the longest in Trøndelag area, where I like it best.


    This view is just outside my school in Harstad. You open the main door, and you’ll get this view. 

  4. Quiet – I’ll say Norway is perfect for someone who loves being on his own. I used to think it didn’t matter where I lived, but the longer I’ve been here, the more I came to the conclusion, still it doesn’t matter where I live, as long as I have good access to family and friends. I believe that I can’t live on my own, in terms of being all the time on my own. I need people surround me, who can see me, and do something with me, and moreover to have something I am occupied with.


    People are very close to nature here and you might often spend time on your own, like this man sitting by the pier, accompanied by the seagulls.

  5. Expensive – sure it is! Cost of living is high. If you are a tourist, accommodation costs generally pretty high, the same like in other Nordic countries, and as well the food and transport. But there is always a way! Save a lot and make wonderful trip to this northern country, it’s definitely worth it! Make it once in a lifetime experience. 🙂

Are you questioning me whether it’s five years and counting many more? I’ll just say let me focus to finish my study now. 😀



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