One Night in Prague

While visiting Berlin, I was thinking to go to somewhere else new. I found out it was possible to take train to Prague, the capital of Czech Republic. It takes about 4,5 hours, and the price was reasonable. I got one way ticket for 29 Euro. Bear in mind that price can be higher. After I got all sorted out with my Berlinale tickets and schedule, I bought my tickets Berlin-Prague and return.

My train departed around 10am from Berlin main station. I walked around the station before the departure. I managed to get some food: a pack of 3 different types of sushi maki, a piece of quark cake and a bottle of orange juice, all for less than 9Euro. Euro was still pretty high, but this was still heaven. I was ecstatic. 😀

I chose my compartment and I sat with a German girl, who was on her way back to Vienna, Austria, where she was studying. The train wasn’t crowded. The down side was that the power plug didn’t work, both of them in my compartment. So my phone was dying when I arrived in Prague. And I hadn’t even booked my accommodation yet.

I often see online reviews for accommodation, since it helps me decide where to stay. When I arrived, I just went out and tried to find my way. I still could use map on my phone, otherwise not much to do with that. I was told that the important things to see in Prague are located in the city centre, so I assumed if I just walked around I would find something, like first, the tourist information. I did.

With the help of a guy there, I found a hotel within my budget range, which was located about 10 minute walk from the information. Still, I had some difficulty to find it. Maybe it took more minutes. 😛 Charles Bridge Palace hotel it was. Did I visit the glorious romantic Charles Bridge Palace then? I didn’t. I know, I was doomed. 😛


You could get this view just a stone’s throw away from my hotel.

Well, it was such a short time, I didn’t have time to search for a lot of things. I read a magazine at the hotel which was mostly about things you could spend your money on, oh well, to visit too. I had a look at the map, the old town looked not far. But I have to say, if you stay in the city centre, you already experience the city. Not only enjoying looking at the old buildings, but also walking on the cobblestoned streets, and if you are lucky you would hear somebody playing music in old town, or perhaps in a cafe or a house.

So if you ask me what I visited and what I saw, I can’t tell you much with names, to be honest. Not only that, for staying one night, to get the sense of how much the local currency was also hard for me. 😀 Since I had to figure how to pay in Euro in my head (I had to use my card all the time, since I didn’t exchange any money) and I don’t even use Euro on daily basis. 😛  But I did enjoy my time. I walked around, I bought some souvenirs (yes, they had nice souvenirs, and they didn’t mind staying open a little while after the closing time when they saw the customers were still around), I took pictures, I stayed in old town for a short while just enjoy the evening with other people around (mostly all tourists).

Fly Prague

I paid a visit to Fly Prague instead so I could see the bridge and palace from above. 😀 It was a new experience with that VR gear, eventhough I have to say they have to work on the film to make it even better, it wasn’t that clear.

Prague-Old town

The old town is magical. I agree with everybody else who says that Prague is beautiful. I think the city is very well-preserved.


Not often I take a selfie, but I did in Prague haha it was fun since it wasn’t easy to include the beautiful buildings behind me. 😛

The nice German girl in my train still had many hours to go to her destination after arriving in Prague. The Japanese twins I talked to when I had my dinner at an Asian restaurant ordered sushi. The guy at the souvenir shop said thanks in my language after I paid my souvenirs and said where I was from. One night was short but I was glad with my experience. Then it was time to go back to Berlin the next day around the same time.



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