The Art of Travelling Light

When did you last time travel light when you were away for holidays at least for a week? Or the question: if you travel light at all?

If I’m away for only a few days or a weekend, I always try to travel light. It doesn’t always happen, though. Even sometimes when without baggage, I sometimes get tangled with all the bags I carry to the cabin 😛 haha and that security check, oh my. All the liquids in a plastic bag, take out the laptop, take off your jacket, and so on. Pfiuh.

Last time I was beyond belief that I travelled so light was when I went to Japan last year. I had my backpack and one cabin size luggage. When my luggage was weighed for check-in, it was 7 kg. Seven kilogram, ladies and gentlemen! I mean, I knew it wasn’t that heavy, but still, I was stunned. I was going to stay in Japan for about 2 weeks. It was summer, forget about all those winter jackets, coats and sweaters. I brought 3 shirts, 1 skirt, one pair of trousers and 1 legging. What if I needed more clothes? Just buy some more hehe… it was on my to-do list. 😀 Come on, shopping in Japan is exciting, right?

I stayed the first 2 nights in a hostel in Tokyo. They surely have washing machine, and yes, with tumble dryer too, so I could always wash my clothes and dry them and they were ready to wear for the next day. I was staying some days in a farm in Chiba, where I could have a shirt provided there for work, but still I could use their washing machine anyway. Great. Then when I was back in Tokyo, I stayed in a hotel with washing machine in the room, read my post–> Where To Stay in Japan Part 2.

Forget the big camera. I left my DSLR behind. Not to mention that I wasn’t good at using it either 😛 Before my departure, I decided to buy a new phone with great camera. I bought LG G4 and it was the right decision. I enjoy travelling light. I hope that I can do it more often. Oh well, coming back from my Japan trip my luggage doubled, though, but still in cabin size. 😀 Hellooow, it’s Japan, why not spending some Yen for those yummy snacks and Studio Ghibli stuff? 😀

So, often I’ll know if I travel light or not, depends on where I will stay. Staying at a friend’s? I might borrow towel, but I’ll provide my toiletries for myself. It might be different with staying at hostel. And staying at a hotel might make your travel lighter. But the thing is I sometimes combine my stay. 😀 So I always bring at least a small towel, and for sure some toiletries.

The trick is start having things travel size, such as towel, toiletries, skin care, etc. It helps. The most difficult is when we think that we should just bring the necessary stuff while the fact is we have so many necessary stuff in our mind. 😛 Oh well. This is just the art of travelling. And tarra! Now you know what my second luggage of my Japan trip contained of. 😀



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