The Story of Berlin

You might search for The Story of Berlin the museum when you found this blog. You might have just been looking for something related to Berlin. Or you got this blogpost link from me.

I’ve been to Berlin five times so far and still counting. I haven’t been to many big cities in the world, so I won’t compare Berlin to other big cities for this point of my life. I just tell you my story based on my experience.

My last trip to Berlin fulfilled all my list of things to do. Meeting my friends and having a good talk. Staying in Kudamm area and being close to some places I wanted to visit. Doing some shopping in Kudamm. Visiting at least a museum. Eating halal burger. Making video in Berlin. Buying some foods at Asian store. Getting some books at Dussmann, the big bookstore. The last but not least was to see the Branderburger Tor again.


So it was quite a whole package, I must say. I stayed for 2 nights and I was pretty satisfied with my time there.

One museum that I visited was The Story of Berlin in Kudamm. It costs 12 Euro for the entrance ticket, 9 Euro for students. It was worth a visit. I spent quite some time in the religion section, where we can get to know about Islam, Christianity and Judaism. There was a cupboard with lots of drawers that contained some explanation from each religion with sometimes pictures regarding various things such as prayers, pilgrims, marriage, funeral, etc.


The museum tells the story of Berlin as a city with full of history. The section when Nazi ruled told a lot, at the same time terrified me a bit, especially while I walked then I’d hear the glass window broken. It gave me the sense of how the situation at that time must have been, when you were a Jew, or anybody who was against the NAZI party.

Enough with the terrifying part. This museum sign you might not be able to see from the Kurfürstendamm road. I was told by a nice lady at Longchamp shop, who is apparently an Indonesian, that I had to get into Kudamm Karree first, in which the museum is located.

Oh yes, the burger I had was really good, it’s Hasir Burger. Go and eat there! Now I know that Hasir group is pretty big in Berlin. I probably should check out their other restaurants next time.

Hasir Burger7

I also made the second visit to Salut Berlin. The first one I made at the end of 2013, read my story –> Hunger Journey – Berlin Day 2. I came during the lunch hour and there were lots of people as usual there. But I hardly felt the stress in the atmosphere. The calmness of the people working there helps the business go well, I suppose. 🙂

Salut Berlin1

Small plate still costs 4.50 Euro and the meat is halal.

So Berlin, see you again next time! ❤


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