24, 25 and 70. What else?

How has the year 2016 been for you so far? Did you make any new year resolutions? Whatever you want, I hope things will work for you this year. 🙂

See the title? What does it mean?

I quite liked year 2015. I made a challenge for myself to read more books and I managed to read 24, thanks to my trips to Indonesia to buy more Indonesian books. Oh yeah. 🙂 I’ll keep doing this whenever I go home. For your information, I don’t always keep all the books I’ve read into my own storage (or bookshelves) here or back home in Indonesia, so there is possibility I will sell some of those books. I’ve done it several times and it was good to see all those happy customers. Check out my tweets and my small shop once in a while, will you?! –https://www.tokopedia.com/neldiska And books giveaway will be coming soon in my other blog in Indonesian maupergi.com, if you like some free stuff 😀

Done with that 24 number. What is the 25 then?

If I count it correctly, I took 25 (or 26) flights in 2015. I didn’t really make an actual note on this, that’s why the number isn’t exact. I thought I would be able to fly every single month, but I failed. There were 3 months in the year when I didn’t fly at all. Even I couldn’t make it every month, I don’t think I would like to recall how much I spent for this haha… Bear in mind, whenever I go home I have to take at least 4 flights (return). What about this year? Nah, I don’t have any specific numbers to achieve. Let if flow. But I have the goal to visit one new place every year. Not something big, isn’t it? I like re-visiting places that I like, fyi.

Okay, now what about the 70?

That is the number of films I watched last year. For this I keep the track on my twitter. Just for fun. A few years ago I made the challenge to watch 100 films and I made it. What about this year? Not that ambitious again, but at least 50 films will make me happy. I used to do it for fun, and now even I study more about film, it will still be fun. 🙂 Not to ruin the fun, I’ll keep watching films that I enjoy or from which I might learn something. I can stop watching something that I find it hard to continue just for the sake of number.

Last but not least, I’d like you to watch some interview videos I made with some of my Indonesian friends who happen to be bloggers. 🙂

There is one more video left, but let me take a deep breath first before I continue hehe I’ll let you know for sure. 😉

Hope you have an amazing year 2016!


2 thoughts on “24, 25 and 70. What else?

  1. have a fabolous 2016 you too nelda!!! boo, kalo mudik ketemuan lah. eh gw masih inget lho jaman SMA nyamperin rumah loe di (menurut gw saat itu) ujung dunia…satu sekolah juga engga kita ya?
    samperin lagi ah ke Trondheim

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