Dutch Impression

I was meant to write this post a while ago. Oh well. I just realised that I had so far only one post related to my first proper visit to the Netherlands, read It’s The Netherlands Time.

Alright, now comes the second one. This is more about the impression of some people that I met during my pretty short visit months ago. Emphasize the words some people.

Here we go –> After visiting a friend in one town, I decided to walk a bit while waiting for my bus to come. I crossed the little road in which I thought a place to cross. It wasn’t when I realised the car that was coming to my direction wouldn’t slow down and it meant I did something wrong. I hurried until I got to the other side of the road, then I walked slowly. Only to find that the car that wouldn’t slow down was waiting for me at the end of my path. I knew that I was to blame, so I approached the car, strange enough, cheerfully. He said something in Dutch, which I guessed something like ‘I shouldn’t do what I just did’. I said I didn’t understand what he said and apologized for what I just did. To add how more stupid I was, I asked what was written on his car. He said it was not the issue. I said, I know, I was just curious. He was in fact a driving instructor. Right.

One time with my friend. We would like to buy tickets for our next travel. My friend had not only one transport card and she thought that there would be some discount or the like, but couldn’t remember how it would work. So we went to the ticket counter and she asked the lady there. My friend spoke English with her. I can’t really remember everything what the lady explained to my friend, not that it matters in this story whatsoever. It’s just the end of it that I remember completely. Yes, at the end of her explanation, the counter lady said: Period! So it was more something like: No, you can’t use that card. Period! Oh my.

After those two experiences, I was trying to find the right word to describe some people (again, some people, I still wouldn’t use most of the people here as I stayed for such a short period of time). Is the word concise the correct one? I think in Indonesian language the word ‘saklek’ will do? Will the word ‘sachlich’ in German do it?

I have one more story. When arrived at train station, I was looking for my train to Wageningen. I knew that I had to take other train first, therefore there was no sign on the train track that said Wageningen as final destination. I think I was a bit panicky at that time, so in order to avoid feeling lost, I approached one train staff, I noticed it from his vest. A big black man. Stupidly I asked him where the train to Wageningen was. Haha. You might expect that he would just say ‘there is no direct train to Wageningen, take blabla train first, and then…’ No. Instead he started his sentence with ‘Listen’ while he tapped on my shoulder and continued his explanation about there was no direct train to Wageningen. Which I already knew.

Those three stories. I didn’t say they were bad experiences. It was actually good. They made sure that we knew what we should do and we would do it right. Just in a different way. 😀


A picture from my wandering around in The Hague/Den Haag.

And don’t forget to enjoy my Den Haag short video –> Den Haag – A Short Visit


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