Awkward Moments In Japan


I just thought to take a pic of Animate from outside, didn’t really pay attention to the girl passing me by, but in fact she has a pretty bag and umbrella 😀

My attempt to learn Japanese was not hard enough, that was something I was really conscious of. And also regreted. Japanese are probably the most polite people on earth. Greeting and saying thanks are necessary, the least I think I should do. But it wasn’t enough. When I was picked up by the Otosan and Okasan (the couple who owned the farm I would stay for a couple of days in Chiba), I felt that I should have put more attempt on Japanese learning. Okasan asked me a question in the car when we started to depart. I had no clue what it meant. I just answered that I didn’t understand her. Afterward it was only awkward moment of silence during the car ride until we arrived in the destination.

Again about the language. When in Chiba, there was this nice Japanese girl working with me. Her English might not be perfect, but she was kind to help me to learn some Japanese words. But sometimes there was awkward moment, for example when I asked ‘What is apple in Japanese’? She would start her answer with ‘Eto…apperu…’ and I thought it was the answer, so I said: ‘Ah, apperu…’. But then I realised she wasn’t even finished with her answer. Give her some moment to think, Nelda! 😀

After checking out at my hotel in Ikebukuro, Tokyo, I thought I would keep my 2 luggages in the lockers somewhere in Ikebukuro station. There were many coin lockers in the station. But bear in mind, eventhough it’s such a huge station, and coin lockers spread in different parts of the station, at the same time there are many people you have to compete with to get which coin locker you want. I found one coin locker for my first luggage pretty easily, unfortunately not for the second one. Which means I had to find another locker somewhere else. Eventually I found some lockers available. Of course after checking several spots with no luck (yeah, that involved a lot of walking here and there). So I came right away to the screen in the middle where I could open my chosen locker. I just touched the screen immediately to open it, it wasn’t my locker that was open, but other locker. Confused. Then I realised there were some Japanese boys standing not very far from where I was, apparently earlier than me, looking at me and probably wondering why I was there all of a sudden, not paying attention to their existence. And apparently it was their locker door which was open. I was just too occupied with myself just to notice that, oh my. I wanted to apologize, but instead, they already bowed first. I was speechless, then moved backward awkwardly, giving the way to them.

After check-in in hotel in Yokohama, as I walked towards the lift, the reception guy accompanied me and intended to wait for me until I disappeared behind the lift door and took off to the intended floor. I really thought that the lift door would shut automatically, so I stood there in the lift, looking at him, smiling, waiting awkwardly questioning in my heart: why they hell the door doesn’t shut? Seconds later I realised I had to press the button first before it would show me the magic work. It shut. Pfuih.


2 thoughts on “Awkward Moments In Japan

    • Jadi ingat obrolan dgn satu teman di Jepang, dia org asing juga. Dia bilang: ‘Gue pengin bilang ke temen2 gue, Jepang gak kayak di film2 ato drama, tp gimana ya… Jepang itu ya kayak yg di film2 itu.’ 😀 Saya pun setuju pendapat dia. 🙂

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