Where To Stay In Japan? (Part 2)

After my first two nights in Tokyo spent in Jimbocho, then farm-experience in Chiba, I went back to Tokyo on the second week. I was kind of excited about this, eventhough I didn’t really plan in details what exactly I was going to do. I just had some ideas in my head. So I booked a room at a hotel in Tokyo for two nights. This was already reduced since I wasn’t sure about my plan, so I cancelled some other bookings and thought I would just see what would happen. 😀 Finding the right hotel might take time. You might have a lot of consideration regarding the location, if it is near the sightseeings you would like to visit, if it is reasonable distance to the public transport. Or regarding the facilities, like which kind of room, the bed, smoking or non-smoking, and other things.

I spent quite a lot of time on this. Tokyo is huge. The choices of hotels are plenty. On top of that, there are so many things to see and to do in Tokyo. There are so many reviews on the internet. Well, it took me a lot of time to decide which one I wanted but I enjoyed this searching immensely. I used websites such as Booking.com and Japanican for finding the hotels and Trip Advisor for the reviews, mostly.

It was not that easy for me to choose since I couldn’t make up my mind which places I would like to visit. Surprisingly, I didn’t choose any place in Shibuya or Shinjuku. I guess I was more attracted to the areas not far from Tokyo Station. But in the end I didn’t choose any of those locations. I then changed my searching to hotels that got very good reviews and wrote down some of my choices. Eventually I made up my mind to Tokyustay Ikebukuro <– check it out! It might look like other hotels. The customer satisfaction rate was pretty high, then it must have good service. Something good to start with.

One thing that attracted me the most was all rooms had washing machines! God almighty, what a greaaaat idea! 😀 Let me show you how my room was. Sorry for letting you to see my messy room. 😛 I should have filmed it when I first came. 

I ended up staying 3 nights in this hotel. Good value. I actually wanted to stay one more night in this area, then I was searching for other hotel that might be with lower price, or just for the sake of trying different hotel. I was searching online, and went to 4 different hotels, with no luck. Three of them fully booked, while the last one available with price of 28.000 yen and only allowed me to check-in at 9pm. Holy moly, that was more than doubled what I paid at Tokyustay and I thought I wouldn’t pay that much only for going to sleep and get up early. Well, at least not at this point of my life. 😛

It seemed that at that time nearly all the hotels in Tokyo were occupied. I am not talking about 5 stars hotels here. Of course they have plenty rooms and you just have to dig deeper into your pocket to afford it. 😛 And I got two more friends to meet in Yokohama. Wait. Yokohama! Why not searching for hotels there? After searching for hotels in Tokyo, it became apparent that hotels in Yokohama, which is not very far from Tokyo, were much more reasonable indeed. I chose Edit hotel Yokohama since I thought it was near Yokohama station. It wasn’t really, but it doesn’t matter anymore. Because the hotel is just walking distance to Minato Mirai and some huge shopping centres. Yay, I was ecstatic. 😀



This hotel was as nice as what you might see on the website –> Edit Yokohama. Even my Japanese friend was excited. I guess she became a fan of the hotel now. 😀 I highly recommend this hotel. Well, you might ask for a room with a view, though. Mine wasn’t but I wouldn’t complain since I didn’t stay long and I always went to walk to Minato Mirai to enjoy the views and take lots of pictures. 🙂

My last stay was at my school friend’s in Yokosuka. I have known her since kindergarten. We used to live in the same area in Jakarta. She’s been living in Japan for so many years. She deserves a special mention in this post. Here is me and Wuri! 🙂

WIth Wuri-edited

I hope this post is useful in case you have been searching for some hotels in Japan. Well, I haven’t stayed in many hotels in Japan, but these 2 in Tokyo and Yokohama are so far where I have stayed and I was very satisfied. Go and try! 🙂


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