Hunger Journey: Jakarta – End of 2014 Trip (Part 1)

Before this month ends, let me write the probably one and only post in June. Yes, it’s been a month since I posted here last time. The month June has been kind to me. I finished my first year of study (with the big chance to continue to the second year. Yes, you hear me correctly). I got to travel to the south of this country more than once to enjoy the summer there. Yes, with lots of sunshine. And friends. There is another good news but I won’t share it now 😛 Since I have the urge to share more about my Hunger Journey that are abandoned for a while.

This is from my Jakarta trip at the end of year 2014. I got the chance to meet friends and hang out accompanied with food, of course.


My roast beef burger from Raffel’s Sandwich at Plaza Senayan, while waiting for my appointment with a friend whose office was just next to this shopping centre. Roast beef burger, french fries (chips) with ice tea cost me around 50 thousands Rupiah (find out yourself how much it is in your own currency ;).

I was arranging my postcard exhibition at this time so I went to the venue before hanging out at this shoping centre. This was my late lunch. I went to a bookshop afterwards while starting to text my friend who was apparently coming my way taking a break from her overtime scheduled work. One hour break before she started to bury herself into her work again for another hour perhaps? We met around 5pm and made our way to nearly everybody’s beloved sushi place in Jakarta: Sushi Tei. I think it’s mostly because of their reasonable prices and nice ambience. During meal times you would expect people queueing, but this time not yet. We were lucky.


Another lucky moment is that when you spend time chatting and sharing stories with your good friend and they pay for the food. Not that I asked for it. The whole foods on the table, and the beverages too were probably nearly 300 thousands Rupiah and it was her treat. Yumm. 😀

Now we jump into another shopping centre in Jakarta which happens to be one of my favourites: Grand Indonesia. Yes, I like shopping centres 😀 I know many people are sick of malls in Jakarta, but still many love them. I can hang out with friends either at shopping centres, or while sitting at the bus stop or chat while walking on the pedestrian.

One afternoon I invited my family to have lunch at this shopping centre. We just took taxi so my father could skip driving to the city centre, which is pretty far. In rush hours it might take 1,5 to 2 hours, or even longer due to worse traffic jam. It was Sunday so the traffic congestion was much less it took only nearly one hour for us to get to the destination. We had lunch at Warung Leko, where I longed for the Indonesian food Iga Penyet (the ribs with chili sauce).


Not the best shot as I was too hungry, then realised I hadn’t taken any pic of the food. 😛

While I let my family finish their meal, as I had finished mine pretty quickly, I took off to meet up with a friend. I was looking for somewhere cosy but not that chain coffee shops again. As I don’t drink coffee, milk, chocolate things or the like, I prefer to choose something that sells some dessert. We chose Slice of Heaven restaurant at level 5, which looked very cosy and far from crowded, and we ordered pancake. There wouldn’t space for another meal. I didn’t intend to make a space either. Big lunch with my family. Dessert with a friend this time.


Yummy. I had to share with my friend, though. This was pretty big. It was good. I should check out this place again next time I am in town. I tried not to be in a hurry, but that less than one hour meet-up was good enough to catch up with her.

Hm, now better finish this post as I would like to continue my fasting in a calmer and contemplating manner, without food distraction. 😀

To be continued…


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