Low Price With High Price

When we buy those low-priced flight tickets, we expect that we will save money, go travel, have fun, come back and get good memories. We don’t often think that once we lose the ticket due to various circumstances, it will be just gone. Not to mention it might ruin our mood or even the well-planned holidays.

No, I don’t travel that much. But yes, I spend quite a lot of money on travelling. In my history of flying in my adulthood, I never missed any flights before now. Well, I bought some ticket that I never used before but again, not as often as now (and the year has not even half gone yet). I bought a one way ticket for February trip just to let it go wasted due to my school assignment. It wasn’t something I really regretted as I had fun doing my school assignment. Later at the end of February, I made a spontaneous trip due to a very long weekend (thanks to my school again for that!). When I was at the airport about to find my flight back to Norway, I noticed I bought the wrong ticket. I actually bought a ticket that I only could use a month later. Sigh. Thanks to my buying ticket at midnight? Oh well, it was not the worst thing ever happened. I called my friend and asked her if I could stay one more night. It was a ‘yes’ answer as expected and I even could take a part in the party she and her flatmates threw. Not bad. I bought the ticket for the next day and yeah, everything went just well. Spontaneous trip made me broke for a little while. I had fun, though.

The latest was when I used Easter break recently to visit my dear family in Indonesia. I found more reasonable Emirates ticket which departed from Stockholm, Sweden (The flights from Oslo were unfortunately pretty expensive and later quickly sold out). When I heard about much snow and chaos at Oslo airport just a few days prior to my flight, I was worried. The situation turned better so I wasn’t worried anymore. Unfortunately, on the way back, my flight from Dubai was delayed due to fog in there, which didn’t give me chance to catch flights to Norway from Stockholm.

When I found out about this, on the way to boarding gate, I became a bit helpless. Even the exciting thought of getting upgraded to business class like what I got in my last trip during Christmas holidays, didn’t really cheer me up, since I knew that I would miss my connecting flights whatsoever. When I handed my boarding pass, the staff took it and printed the new pass which was a business class pass. I might not be as excited as the first time, but I was grateful anyhow to get it, as I could get better sleeping position. 😛 I was so tired I just used about the first 2 hours to sleep and skipped breakfast.

IMG_0792 IMG_0808

TV screen on Emirates economy class (left) and on business class, the same fleet Boeing 777-300ER.

What lessons to learn?

To buy ticket long time in advance might help you save money, but make sure that the possibility to use it pretty big, so check your work or school schedule first. Unless you think, yeah, it’s cheap, what do you expect? 😛 If you think money doesn’t grow on trees, then be wise.

Those of my experiences above show that either spontaneous or well-planned trip could go wrong. My spontaneous trip made me learn to check the details carefully even when you buy your ticket you are half way to dreamland.

If you have connecting flights, make sure you have enough spare time inbetween. It’s better to have longer layover than shorter to reduce the risk if your first flight was delayed, your next ones still there to catch.

If the problem only to miss flights, it is probably okay, but if it has other effects, such as miss some days of school or work, that is what you call multiple effects.

Airlines has several choices of tickets, the cheaper the more risks, such as no refund. If you have membership in any airlines, normally the more expensive the ticket is, the more miles you’ll get, so it’s pretty win win solution.

Last but not least. Take a deep breath and think that there is always a positive side of everything. Despite of a couple of times of me being unlucky with flight tickets in this first half year, there was always something good followed, I noticed. If you have only positive thinking on life, life will just give you that. 🙂

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