Hunger Journey: Jakarta, Indonesia – Padang Food

Hey! Back to my Hunger Journey, where I share some culinary journey, either the story, the pics, or both. The most exciting and awaited part is probably food I had back home in Indonesia.

I’m very grateful as an Indonesian, which means I’m used to tasty food with different spices. Although it’s not my specialty to be able to tell what kind of spice used in certain food. My bad. But I’m learning 🙂 But I can appreciate more food with some taste. Well, there is such a thing as tasteless or boring food, isn’t it? I’m not a person who can’t live without chili sauce, but to have nice chili sauce sometimes is a good treat for me.

The big question for me is why Indonesian food isn’t as popular as Thai or Vietnamese food, for example. Why oh why? Rendang was chosen as one of the most delicious foods, but I bet not many people are familiar with how it looks, let alone how it tastes. Ask them Sushi, they might be able to tell although a little bit. Rendang? What’s that? No clue 😦 Homework, Indonesian people!

Now, let me show what foods I had on my last trip to Indonesia during Christmas and New Year holidays.

016 019

Padang restaurant is food heaven for those who like spicy food, in my opinion. If you never tried it but feel like it, give it a try! Rendang is one of those tasty foods you can find in Padang restaurant. On the right pic, Rendang is in the middle, the brownish look beef with the spoon besides it. My mom can make it, but she prefers to avoid the hassle making all the spices together, she buys the ready-made one in the market and it tastes perfectly right for me. Well, there are different kinds of Rendang, depends from the region, I heard.

Look at the way they serve all the foods on the table, isn’t it mouth-watering? Even when I’m writing this, I’m drooling 😛 My younger sister is much smaller than me regarding size and appetite to food. But, give her nasi Padang or lunch box from Padang restaurant, she will finish it without difficulty. 😀 The fact is when you buy lunch box from Padang restaurant, they give way more portion of rice than what you get for one portion of rice when dine-in.

IMG_0500 IMG_0501

The pics above are the examples of the lunch box from Padang restaurant (oh well, most of them don’t use box actually, paper instead), which I had another day. This time with chicken. They might not look like the most fantastic food, but this kind of taste that makes us miss home, believe it or not. 🙂 Padang restaurant is easy to find in the neighbourhood, pretty much everywhere, if you are wondering.

One more thing you might wonder, what about those foods served on the table, should you pay everything including those which you haven’t even touched (or stared)? No. You just pay what you have eaten. Sounds fair? 😉

To be continued with more food…Yummm… 😀


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