Half Day in Bodø, Northern Norway

Since this weekend and next I will be occupied with some school assignments, last week I thought, let me go somewhere on the weekend before that. So I bought the train tickets that would take me to Bodø in Northern Norway. The reasons? I had never been there before. The ticket price was pretty reasonable, I paid 548 for return tickets. I often saw the train with empty space, at least this time of the year. So I could just sleep on the way, I thought.

Off I went to take the train. I walked from home at 1am. Yes, one after midnight. The train leaves 1.29am, and arrives 9.15am. Yes, nearly 8 hours one way. 😀 On the way to Bodø I succeeded to sleep, with interval of waking up about every hour. 😀

The railway I took was named Northern Railway (Nordlandsbanen in Norwegian). This was not the first time for me. Last year I took it twice. In June on the way to the south, and in August on the way up north, both trips only from and to Fauske, which is located less than one hour from Bodø. Read my blogpost: My Longest Train Journey in Norway (Part 2: Fauske-Trondheim-Oslo). This railway ends in Bodø in the north, and in Trondheim in Mid-Norway.


Welcome to Bodø!

Upon my arrival, I walked a bit to find a place to have breakfast. I was tempted to have pizza for breakfast, since I found Egon restaurant open next to Thon hotel. But I would really like to have proper dinner later. I decided to have breakfast at Bodø bakeriet in the town centre instead, while starting to search where my next destinations were.


Breakfast for 48 NOK

With map on my phone, I started to head to Norwegian Aviation Museum (Norsk luftfartsmuseum in Norwegian). I browsed things to do in Bodø before getting here and always found this place recommended. I didn’t check how long it might take from where I was or town centre to that museum. In summer, I am sure it will take me much faster, but this time I had to walk nearly one hour, probably between 40-50 minutes. What to blame? Bodø was like an ice skating rink 😀 Well, not exactly that smooth, but the slippery surface is practically the same 😛 I walk like snail whenever the roads are slippery. And the snow turned to ice blocks by the side of the roads, hm that made the roads look very messy, in my opinion.

Anywho, I managed to get to the museum. It’s huge. I read once that someone said it took like half day to explore all in the museum. It was open at 11am on Saturdays and since I am student it cost me 90 NOK to get in, saved 30 NOK. ^^


I walked around this museum and as guided by the receptionist when I arrived, I found the air traffic control tower on top of the museum. Cool. So I went up there and took pictures of some views of the town.



I was in the museum for about 2,5 hours, not half day as others might do. Shopping centre was the next destination, call me shallow or whatever, but this should be just for fun, you know. I wanted to enjoy my trip, so shopping centre visit was part of it 😛 Besides, I thought I would like to have something to eat there. Unfortunately all the eating places in the centre were full of people and there was nothing really I would like to eat there. Fish and chips? Tjaa, but if I could have another choice. That Thai restaurant I saw earlier in town centre, man, I couldn’t remember where it was. 😮

I walked to town centre trying to get ticket to cinema. Yes, watching film at cinema was one of the plans. The Imitation Game was my choice. There were many people, I predict it was full house. Thank God I bought the ticket already one hour earlier. Then I walked to Peppes Pizza next door. Yes, pizza would do. 😀


I ate up the whole pizza haha definitely hungry 😛

Then time to take the train back home. After much walking around town, I slept even better this time, even the train conductor had to wake me up to remind me that my end stop was near. Thanks, sir! 😀


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