Home And Home

It’s nice to have two homes. One home where I live now, and the other where I grew up and where my parents live. During last winter holidays I had three-week holiday from school. The first one I spent some days in South Norway (this stay shouldn’t be prolonged since that might risk me to have longer waistline πŸ˜€ of course since what I did was eat and eat) and two days in Stockholm, read my post Ow, Stockholm! The rest two I luckily could spend home in Indonesia (yippiii) πŸ™‚

The way to home was unfortunately not that short. I took night train from Trondheim, which took about 7 hours, arriving in Oslo the next morning. Not even 7 am. My flight was nearly at 2pm.

Gardermoen - quiet morning

The counters were still closed. I was sitting waiting with my two luggages. Luckily I met a lady with whom I could talk to. She was on the way to Africa, where she was originally from. She had lived in Norway since she was at school age. Now she said that she had ‘only’ four kids. Only? πŸ˜€

I was planning to have a meal after check-in. Having sushi was the original idea. Unfortunately since it was Christmas Eve, the sushi restaurant was closed. Still in the mood having an Asian meal, I went to another restaurant and had some noodles and king prawns. Not the best one but it felt already like home.

Since I was taking my time afterwards to do a little shopping, that African lady and I agreed to meet up again at the waiting room.

If you are asking which airlines I took this time, I finally could take Emirates again! (another yippiii πŸ˜€ ) It was very reasonable I couldn’t even believe I got that. When I arrived at the waiting room, it was gradually filled with people, lots lots of people, I must say. I guess many of them used this time of the year to travel home as the holiday was quite long. As I might have expected, mostly foreigners. I heard some speak Norwegian, but not many. The queue was very long, I decided to wait on front seat. The African lady was already long gone into the cabin. It was such a long wait. since there was something wrong with the computer system, so the queueing didn’t go very smoothly. After I don’t remember how long, it was my turn, I handed my boarding pass to the counter staff. He took it and tore it and said that I would get a new one. First I had no clue why. Then he said again because I was upgraded to the business class. I was surprised. I didn’t say anything else but thank you. But inside me I was screaming like yiiiiiipppppiiii… πŸ˜€

Emirates - business class

This is the only pic I made when I was sitting comfortably in the business class πŸ˜› During the 6-hour trip I told myself not to sleep, not to sleep hehehe After watching 100 year-old Man Who Climbed Out The Window and Disappeared and Boyhood (both good films, however I liked the second better), and one meal time that made me very full and happy, I couldn’t help to fall asleep. By the way, after having appetizer and main meal, I was very full already, but still I ordered dessert, something with dates. It was soooo good, I felt that I had to tell that to the first flight attendant who came. She responded by saying, ‘Would you like another one?’ Man, it was very good but I wouldn’t take the risk to make my tummy explode. πŸ˜€

The business class moment was unfortunately only until Dubai. The next flight I was ‘squeezed’ again in the economy class. However, it was good to be home, eight hours later. πŸ˜‰

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