Monsters Can Be Cute Too

I am talking about toy monsters that a friend of mine makes. Her name is Beate, a German, originally geologist, but since she and her husband moved from Germany to Norway, she found the creative side of her. She created the handmade creatures which is called “Püppigurimi”. It is a mash-up of the German word “Püppi” (doll) and “amigurumi”, the Japanese art of crocheting small stuffed animals, typically cute animals or inanimate objects endowed with human characteristics (that is what she wrote on her website

I knew her at a seminar I took part in when I lived in Harstad, Northern Norway.


Me, Beate, and Theidy, another participant, a Venezuelan.

I knew already she made this kind of monsters, when once at seminar (the seminar itself took place several times during a period of time) she brought some samples of her monsters. The more I got to know her, I became more excited about what she had been doing. I visited her house twice. The first visit I got so excited to see her work room, that was for sure full of lots of colourful things with which she could make all the creative monsters and other things. At that time I had already thought to move out from Harstad, but if I changed my mind and stayed, I would say one of the reasons was her. 🙂

Last December, when everybody seemed busy to talk about what to buy as Christmas gifts, I was thinking to buy something for myself, I thought right away, a ‘monster’ would do! 😀

So, I bought a Püppigurimi made by Beate. Let me have my monster pose for you all! 😀




Check out! Püppigurimi is on facebook too!


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