My Postcard Exhibition (Plus Books’ Mini Launching) at Comma, Jakarta

I thought to organize an event when I was home for my winter holidays would be a good idea. I had this idea to make a postcard exhibition a while ago and somebody suggested me to combine it with my book launching, which I never had thought of before. But after a while I was thinking, yeah why not. I realised I like planning things and I am perhaps not bad at it (if I were good already, who am I to judge? 😀 ). I asked a friend, Nana, to join me, as I found out that she self-published her book as well. She was excited and clueless at the same time what to do. I convinced her many times that it should be just for fun, so just relax. We would make it.

I chose one day in beginning of December when I had day off from college to browse some potential venues in Jakarta, where my exhibition would take place, and to contact and call. From five star hotels, shopping malls, galleries, library. I ended up renting a space at a coworking space, which started to become a trendy place to work nowadays in Jakarta. Its name is Comma. After getting first response by email from a five star hotel in the centre of Jakarta and got the price quote for renting a room there, this place’s price seemed very very reasonable. And from the first call to Comma, I felt that I got a responsive reply. They said that they would email me very soon to give me the price details, which they did.

I managed to come to the venue on Monday when the exhibition would take place on Saturday the same week. Very short time. I just had in mind that I wouldn’t start the promotion of the event until I got to see the venue. So I would know what I should do regarding the exhibition planning. I invited Nana to come and we started to plan what we were going to do and shared the tasks.

My initial plan was to bring everything on the D-day and set up everything one hour prior to the starting time. It was in fact so much to do I decided to bring some of the stuff the evening before. On D-day I got some help from some friends (Rini and Geni, thanks a lot!). Comma promoted my event on twitter and Nana made the event poster for promotion on social media and printed some bookmarks for all the visitors. My expectation was either too few people or too crowded (I was just trying to be positive :). When the time hit 11, when everything was supposed to begin, the room was still occupied by me, Rini, Geni and Nana. And one visitor. I wasn’t disappointed. It gave a friendly atmosphere instead, since we could talk to each other and I decided to order some lunch. When time nearly hit 12, some familiar and unfamiliar faces started to show and I felt that it was time to leave behind my chicken on my lunch menu and go greet everybody.

I felt really appreciated to see my friends and all the visitors giving some time that Saturday to come to my and Nana’s event. I would really like to hang out and have a good chat with everybody, since it couldn’t happen often, but it felt like that time was flying. I wanted that time was running slower so I would have more time to say thank you to everybody for coming, thank you for buying our books. When time hit 3pm, we really should start to tear down all the exhibition. This time the job was much easier, as more friends gave hands.

It was probably not the best exhibition ever, nor the smoothest book launching, but I and Nana felt it was one of those memorable times of our lives. Was this the start of something bigger? You never know. We can just hope. 🙂

Thanks to Comma for providing a nice space for the event and all the support.



You hardly see the postcards? Most of them were on the windows or on table by the windows. And I was hanging this camera to view other side of the room, I am afraid.

postcard exhibition - courtesy of Vina

Left to right: Nana, Vina (my book’s cover designer) and me. Courtesy of Vina.

Postcard exhibition - courtesy of Nana

Some shots during the event. Courtesy of Nana.

Don’t forget to buy our books! 🙂

Nelda’s My Journey Begins on nulisbuku
Nana’s book: Dreamless Dreamers -> Nana’s blog

And this is the video I made so you can see more of the postcard exhibition 😉


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