Ow, Stockholm!

Already in 2002 I heard somebody say to me that Stockholm was beautiful. My German friend Julia said that. She even gave her valid Scanrail ticket to me after her trip to Sweden, just in case I was interested (I lived in Norway at that time). I was, but I didn’t think I could convince the train conductor that I looked German enough to use Julia’s named Scanrail. So I dropped the idea.

Until last winter/Christmas holidays, in December, after I had spent some days in the south of Norway and all the choices of reasonable flights somewhere else left me with choices either Copenhagen (Denmark) or Stockholm (Sweden). Does it make the trip to Scandinavian countries sound reasonable? I suppose because the Norwegians either stay at home for Christmas or go somewhere else warmer than those two cities. Convinced that Stockholm was better choice this time, I booked the night bus from Oslo to Stockholm (it took me 8 hours, it didn’t cost a fortune (less than 200NOK!) and it even had student price, boohoo), and flight from Stockholm to Trondheim, via Copenhagen.

Arrived pretty early morning the next day (not even 7am), my plan to stay at hostel which was open at 3pm didn’t sound the wisest idea. The shops started to be open either 9 or 10, which means I had to wait for 2-3 hours? And then if they were open, I would go around for couple of hours, then lunch, then I had to wait again until 3pm? I walked around the central station while starting browsing on my phone what kind of hotels Stockholm might offer in that area and at which cost. I found pretty reasonable offer, which could be even lower if I booked online. But I thought, hey, it was just around the corner. So off I went to Scandic Grand Central, which I had walked pass once before I eventually made the decision to stay there.

I checked in, took shower, had a rest, then ready to head to the shops when the time hit 10. I felt good. I certainly made the right decision. I carried some shopping list which wasn’t all mine, but it made somehow my trip more exciting. Holy moly, Stockholm was indeed exciting!


I walked around quite a lot. Got excited when my shopping list gradually fulfilled. And under some carelessness I had to go back to one shop that made me walk another half an hour. It was really okay, since it brought me to visit the Stockholm State library nearby.


Amazing. I asked one librarian if It was okay for me to take pictures, she was fine with it, so there you go.

Stockholm day 1, loved it already! I have to admit that I’m a city girl. I mean, I don’t have to live in a city, but cities inspire me, so I need good access to them. 😉


A good idea at the hotel. They can always be re-filled.

Next post: Gamla Stan


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