Hunger Journey: Oslo Day 2

This post is very much delayed, due to unclear explanation. 😛 I actually did just a little bit of research of what kind of eating places I might encounter in Oslo, but didn’t really make lots of notes which ones I would like to visit. So it was more like, okay, what would I like to eat, ah, that looks like a nice place. I started my breakfast at Kaffe Brenneriet near the University of Oslo. What for breakfast? I wasn’t very hungry, so I was just thinking to have something that really made me eat. It was cheesecake and orange juice. Later on I made appointment with a friend. It was actually not a planned meeting. I just posted a picture that I was in Oslo in a social media and suddenly couple of friends including her, who would be about in the area started to contact me and I thought, oh yeah why not a meet-up? We ended up having lunch at TGI Fridays near the central train station. She had a plate of nice spaghetti and I only had bruschetta since I would go to meet another friend to have a proper lunch afterwards.

The proper lunch happened in Istanbul restaurant in Gronnland area. The restaurant was not really big, but it had a nice atmosphere, in my opinion. I ordered chef’s special that costs 139NOK. Nice food. And it was the last meal of the day in a restaurant. As later that day I met even more Indonesian friends at a cafe and only had a small bottle of smoothie. The day ended with a tuna baguette I bought at the airport. I might not put any pictures of the day 2 here, but I made a video of this Oslo trip in October. Enjoy! 🙂

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