Fly Away With Me

The first time I took long-haul flight was in 2001, taking Lufthansa from Jakarta, Indonesia, to Oslo, Norway with transit in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Since then I always love the feeling of taking off and landing, it’s the feeling that your journey somewhere begins and you arrive at the destination. I had chance to fly with different airlines and experienced various things. From the experience of not being able to sleep during my 12-hour flight from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to London, UK, which made me so jealous of seeing people sleeping (the feeling that I never had thought before), to the experience of like not on airplane when the passengers just took the seats with whoever they would like to sit next to (thank God nobody took my original seat).

However, since that not being able to sleep moment ten years ago, I have some preference regarding the long-haul flight to Europe/Indonesia (well, that’s my main destination so far). I prefer to take middle-eastern based airlines, which gives me chance to take transit somewhere inbetween, depends on which airlines I take. I am pretty satisfied with my choices so far. Emirates is still my top list of favourite airlines. Nobody is paying me for writing this, so this is absolutely just my personal opinion. There are several factors for this, so it’s not only because that good-looking male flight attendant. 😀 Anyway, let me try this, are you flight attendant of EK something something from Glasgow-Dubai some time in summer 2008? Please comment below 😀 😀 😀

The Food

I haven’t tried all of middle-eastern based airlines, the ones that I have tried, always have halal food. That makes me not worry too much about what I eat, since my restricted diet based on my religion is fulfilled. Meat, chicken or fish? No problem. Well, I can always make request if halal food is special menu, though. I took Thai Air and I ordered halal food, and it came first before the others got food, which made me feel special too. 😀 By the way, you can check out what the menu is on the website. Here I found on Emirates’ flight from Dubai-Jakarta -> See our menu.

The Transit Airport

If I take Emirates, then it will be Dubai, UAE. The airport is huge. It was very crowded, as I remember from my last flight some years ago, many transit passengers sitting on the floor, but there were many shops and restaurants, so hours of transit here wouldn’t make you bored. Oh well, as long as you have enough money to buy things that you might fancy. 😉 My last flight the beginning of this year was Qatar Airways, which made me transit in Doha, Qatar. The choice of places for shopping was not as plenty as in Dubai. But I heard the new airport is also huge.

The flight entertainment

Apart from food, this is the factor that makes me survive the long-haul flight. I give an example on Emirates. If you, for example, take this month’s flight, from Oslo-Dubai. You can check out on the website before you fly and plan which films you are going to see during the flight, click What’s playing this month. My list would be: Boyhood, Chef, Lucy, The 100 Year Old Man Who Climbed Out a Window and Disappeared, The Fault In Our Stars, Tranformers: Age of Extinction. Man, exciting! Oh well, that will be too long list for 6-hour flight 😀 But then, when I searched for flight from Dubai-Jakarta, the choices are less  -> Click here. Hm, is it according to the taste of most of passengers perhaps? Not to worry, they usually have a good selection of music too.

Nowadays I am less worried about the sleeping. I suppose I have trained my body to adjust with the situation. Once I took flight from Istanbul, Turkey, to Jakarta, and I could sleep 5 hours straight, I felt it was such an achievement. So, films, music, food, and take a rest. So it will be in balance, and you will enjoy your flight! Have a nice flight, safe journey and sleep tight! 😉


2 thoughts on “Fly Away With Me

  1. Aku juga maks bisa tidur 3 jam at a stretch terus kebangun dan tidur lagi tapi ngga bisa nyenyak sampai tujuan seperti banyak orang.

    Dari sini aku lebih memilih SQ kalau pulang karena Copenhagen Singapore direct lalu Singapore Surabaya. Aku paling ngga demen kalau harus transit2an. Ke tujuan2 lain pun sebisa mungkin direct, biar cepat sampai dan menghemat waktu

    • Nyenyak tidur di pesawat itu uenak banget 😀 Tp skrg saking serunya di pesawat kadang gak kepikiran tidur lagi, tp nonton terus kan capek ya, jadi akhirnya tertidur. 😀 Dari Oslo kan gak ada yg direct ke Jakarta, jadi mau gak mau pasti transit, but I enjoy it 🙂

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