Nice People Against The World

I can’t believe a month has passed since last blogpost came out. The excuse? Oh hm, let me think some. 😛 School? Well, it’s not like I have many classes and too many assignments. In my free time I try to catch up by watching films as many as I can every month, among other things. It’s not only for entertainment’s sake, I believe it will be also useful for my school.

I wrote this blogpost a short while ago when I was sitting on the train. I’m pretty lucky to have a chance to take the train at least once a week. I call this post, as you have read the title above, Nice People Against The World.

I know I’m not perfect. I sometimes feel awkward in dealing with people. You might think that hey, you’re old enough, you’ve experienced lots of things, you must know how to deal with different kinds of people. I will respond to that: I’m still learning. Experiences have taught me lots of things, it’s true, but I’d like to keep on learning. However, nice people that ever turned up in my life, got special place. And to balance it, some not so nice people got some place as well, so my learning will be complete.

During my 6-time-volunteering at Jakarta Int’l Film festival, I got part in ticketing for the first two, and hospitality for the last four. I enjoyed all my times. As a ticketing staff, I noticed that the most foreign moviegoers that spoke mostly Indonesian were the French people. That’s much appreciated.

Among all the guests that I ever picked up at the airport or venues, one Canadian director is the winner. He ‘accused’ me of being 19, when in fact at that time I was closer to being ten years older, even after I showed him my ID. 😛 He gave me Canadian maple sugar candies as souvenir and said such thing as ‘I love you’ as his gratitude, without any romance involved whatsoever, if you are wondering.

One other director made another unforgettable moment in my life. For being…slightly grumpy, shall I say? I picked him up from his hotel to the venue where his film would be screened. His film was so deliciously hilarious. The venue was full of laughters of mostly Indonesian moviegoers, who were obviously entertained. We, Indonesians, are quite easy to please, you know. Show us something funny to our taste, man, we’ll love you so much! However, due to technical problem, if I’m not mistaken it was something to do with the film that didn’t match with the projection that the venue got, so the film didn’t show in its perfect shape. This led to the director’s disappointment and feeling annoyed. Even after I told him: But the audience loved your film!

Another guest that made good impression was a Norwegian actor. He came with his fellow actor, who unluckily got stomach problem during their stay. Both were nice. Once we were stuck in traffic jam on the way to venue where they should actually do Q&A after the screening. The traffic was so bad we couldn’t make it. But it was less stressful situation, as they started to sing and make some music instrument sound out of their mouths. Instead of comparing things here and back home, as some other newcomers might do, how good back home and stuff like that, the leading actor said some good things he found in Jakarta, was easy going and always in positive attitude.

This post might be this short, but nice people I have met in my life have filled my long list, and I still have places for plenty! 🙂


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