Hunger Journey: Oslo Day 1

After I posted The Reasons I Moved in the beginning of this month, I got some concerned messages. Some asked how I was, some concerned how frustrating it might be for me. I think it’s the nature of human being to be concerned when others have trouble, isn’t it? Thanks, I am good now. I have to admit I have learned my lessons. Now I can speak up more in the class, I go out whenever I want and feel the need to, and talk to people even when I shouldn’t hahaha in the morning if it’s too much sugar it might happen. 😛 And yes, I dare ask people here “Er du nordlending?” which means if he/she is from the northern part. 😛

And whenever I get the chance to travel a bit to do whatever that interests me, I’ll do it. So this month I felt like watching some films at Film From The South festival in Oslo. Unfortunately all the films I would like to watch didn’t have the matching schedule with the days I chose. So I picked one film that I would really like to see and thought it might be best time to combine it with the beginning of my culinary tour in Oslo. Yeah.

The Brazilian film called Buddies (English) or Colegas (Portuguese) was my pick this time.

Looks interesting? It might not be the best film, but the idea to make a road trip film with the main figures who are people with Down Syndrom is a very good idea. Thumbs up!

Wait, did I say this is a Hunger Journey, should it have something to do with food? Yes, it does. I arrived in the late afternoon in Oslo, met by my friend Anne at the central train station, and then we walked to the area near the City Hall before heading to a restaurant for dinner. My pick for restaurant that evening was Yaya’s Thai Beach Bungalow restaurant, as one of the restaurants Anne had recommended earlier. Let me show what we ordered:


Red Curry Plah (red curry in coconut milk with fish, broccoli, long beans and bamboo shoots) for me and Mai Pai (tofu, carrot and long beans woked with sesame-soya oil and spices) for Anne. Prices included rice (that’s quite a lot even for 2 persons, I must say, so it’s good 😀 ) and crackers. When I spooned the first bit of my Red Curry Plah into my mouth, it was…heaven! It tasted soooo good, I might cry out of happiness 😀 I am not a big fan of food with coconut milk actually, but sometimes it can taste very very good. Mai Pai that Anne chose is something that you can order if you are vegan or vegetarian.

And what for dessert? I didn’t plan to order dessert, since I thought I couldn’t even eat up the rice, but hey, I thought again, here we are in a Thai restaurant, don’t you feel like trying that fried bananas with ice cream? I did order it. And again, it was soooo good, I didn’t regret a single bit for chosing to come here. Thai Golden Ball that Anne ordered was smashing as well, it’s deep fried ice cream with crust served with an apple-chilli chutney. Fried ice cream, boohoo, last time I heard about it when I was really a little tiny me.


Who would think that all these good foods are ready to serve from the place that looks unconvincing from the outside? Are you in Oslo and love Thai food or have never tried that even once? Come here and enjoy the adventure! I don’t know the owner(s) and if I meet them one day, I think I will say what a great idea and perhaps they can add fruit juices on the menu. 😀


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