Give A (Birthday) Surprise

My previous post is written 2 weeks ago. Not bad. Actually, sometimes when I am walking I have lots of ideas to write here. But yeah, since I am not writing it down immediately, I tend to forget the flow of the ‘story’ in my head. 😦 Anywho. This is one of those simple ideas for blogpost. A while ago a friend of mine had birthday and I had in mind to give something. It was just chocolate. Wait, not just chocolate. It was a whole lot of chocolate. So I bought a box, which I later filled up with different kinds of chocolate I found at the supermarket. It looks like this before I packed the box. It’s not a lifetime supply of chocolate but enough to make you feel content, I suppose. 😀

GodteriI just thought it would be nice to get a surprise and birthday might be the right moment. It doesn’t need to be expensive or something complicated. But surely you need something to give wow effect on the receiver of your surprise. Did I get it? Look at this text I got after the package was received.


Let me translate the message for you who don’t speak Norwegian: “Woooowww!!! What a fantastic gift! Thanks very much! I dreamt about getting some chocolate, but this is amazing! How did you know that…” That’s enough of the message. How did I know that chocolates were the good idea? Well, that is something that you just have to figure out. 😉

So, have you got ideas what kind of surprise you are going to give? 🙂 If you have done it, that would be nice to get a comment below or you might write a blogpost about it yourself with pics. Yeah.


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