The Reasons I Moved

Location? It was what I had in mind when I felt that my solitary being most of the time in the north needed to come to an end. I had thought of settling down myself with future in health care actually, when I chose my field of study. It has no direct translation in English, unfortunately. It’s between a nurse and social worker, if it makes it easier to understand. I thought it wouldn’t matter where I would study. Location wasn’t the issue. That was what I thought before I moved.

From the beginning I knew that I had to work extra harder to be in the same understanding as my other classmates, who had no problems with the language whatsoever. I was the only foreigner in the class (you don’t count a Swede in Norway a foreigner, do you? 😛 Or an Icelandic who speaks perfect Oslo-area dialect since she has been living there for who knows how long). Well, the point is that I didn’t master the language excellent enough to understand all the theories in my studies. I often found myself focusing more to find out where someone was from here in Norway from their dialects, instead of what they were actually saying. 😛 So, yes, it was hard. Luckily, I somehow managed to pass all the exams. That was an achievement. But I wasn’t satisfied and the last months I was there I was pretty much demotivated.

I have to admit my class/batch was one of the best you wish you could get. They were very active and everybody was nice, they often got praised from the lecturers for being active and good. In both semesters I were in, I managed to remember all names and even remember everybody’s voices. But somehow I felt that I was disconnected. I couldn’t really speak out what my problems were. I went to student counsellor once instead to tell that I did have problems. Did it solve my problems? Hm. I believe it always helps to talk to someone when we are having problems. As a start.

I lived in a student flat, which was the furthest from the college. Which is quite a mistake, since I didn’t have a car. Not to mention that I don’t even have driver’s license. 😛 And the bus connection was so bad, that was one other thing I could complain in the first months I was there, well, until the end. So it was not easy to socialize. I somehow managed to get to know people outside my college. Just a pity we couldn’t meet each other more often. I also had very good neighbour, whose little son was always happy to visit my place and play there, which was an entertainment for me. Last time I was there when I had to pick up my stuff, he showed me that he could go pee on the toilet by himself, so cute. 🙂

I guess I wrote about how I felt in several posts, but not explicitly. I was just feeling that wasn’t the time to reveal yet. I spent quite a lot of my time being with my laptop or online and made snide remarks about it. However I knew that I might spend about the same amount of time somewhere else doing that, which I do now. Just for better future projects. 🙂 So it was actually what I had in mind already what I would do in the future. I just needed more human interaction.

Feeling of lack of excitement in my life haunted me. I felt that I’d better off doing something else in the future. Not that I looked down any occupations in health care, including the one I might end up having if I continued the study, not at all. I still do think they who choose this path are great people. I have seen more people who do that here and I’m still impressed. With more awareness to the surroundings would be great, if I could criticise just a wee bit. 🙂

One moment that influenced me to take the steps why I am where I am now, was the meeting with someone and we talked about my wildest dream. She kind of guided me to start from there. I’ll let you know about that one day. 😉

Well, I reckon this post is already quite long. I’ll write more about my current study choice some other time. Stay tuned! 😉

Here I give you another beauty of the north. One of the few reasons that might make me stay on.



2 thoughts on “The Reasons I Moved

  1. I really understand how hard it could be with the language, and with less human interaction up there, that would be ‘veldig deprimennende’ for me. You have a brave soul, mbak Nel! I wait for the next stories of your current studies and wish you luck.

    • Thanks for commenting and your wish, Bar! Communication is important, I believe. Not understanding a language or being understood or not being able to express oneself can be frustrating. A lot of lessons learned but we’d better keep on moving. Wait for the big thing. 😉

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