Here Comes The Dolly

A few weeks ago we got lighting class. We learned about err, yeah, correct, lighting. 😛 Well, I missed the first session, which was the important part, involving explanation about the topic. The reason? I got up late. Right. Even without party the night before. 😛

I found out that lighting is quite an important part in photography and film. A lot to learn. Anyway, I came to the class later and was ready to do the assignment with my group. We had to shoot a scene or several with different kinds of lighting that we had learned. It was six of us in a group, which was a bit too many, I suppose. However, it was a fun short filming without having to use the big video camera. I recorded the moment.

Runar is the actor, Odin the camera guy, taken with Iphone owned by Aleksander, and Thordur, the only Icelandic in our group, came up with great idea to offer himself to push the manual dolly. 😀 I was sitting recording the moment. One more in our group wasn’t feeling very well.

The short shot isn’t edited yet, as I’ve been working on the editing assignment right now and still struggling. 😛



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