Moving On

The term moving on is no only for romantic relationship, that is first. 😛 I felt the urge to write something about my moving since I realised that not many of my friends and most probably you, have known that I have moved down to the south (well, not exactly south as they call south of Norway, but for sure more south where I used to live before. Complicated? Life is 😛 ).

After pretty long contemplation and being occupied of my own things for a while, (well, I bothered some of you for some valuable suggestion, I can’t thank you enough for that) I decided to quit my previous study and packed all my stuff up in Northern Norway. Oh well, I left some cutlery and crockery behind, hopefully the the one(s) who moved to my flat would be happy for that.

Long story short. It’s been 3 weeks since I finally moved to the new room. Own flat is another luxury now, but I have nothing to complain. I’m just a few hours away by train from friends and good people I know. So I’m not worried that much.

I started a new study involving technical terms and creativity. It is more exciting, I have to say, although not the easiest thing on earth, and I’m not the most creative person alive either :P. But hey, what to complain when the study enables me to watch 2 films a day? 😛

Here are some shots that are taken with Autographer during some assignments from my college.


Taking some shot with video camera

B00004942_21I5RD_20140907_045543EInterviewing a gym manager


Oh, you still don’t see me in the pics?


No wonder, I was taking a break and having my chocolate bun, mind you? 😛


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