Beat Loneliness

It was my last day of summer job at a nursing home yesterday. Before I reached the main entrance on the way home, I stopped to give last greeting to a resident/service user who was sitting on her wheelchair facing the doors, alone. She was in her 90s, still spoke pretty clearly, just had a bit hearing problem. She told me why she was there. She was hoping by sitting facing the main door, there would be somebody she knew that would come in, stop by and talk to her. When I was standing there, there was nobody coming in, indeed. All the staff had gone up to start their shifts. She said also that it would be nice if I would come again next time to sit together and talk to her. When I felt that I might burst into tears at any time, there was another staff who were on the way to the main entrance and stopped to greet the resident as well, so I let them talk more. The old lady said the same thing to her.

We never know when loneliness might hit us. Before it hits us, perhaps it’s better to see surround us, and cheer them up who might suffer from it. I’m sure they will appreciate it. I hope I can come to say hi and talk again with that lady in the wheelchair in the future. 🙂


Gloomy and lonely, but this ferry keeps moving forward. 🙂


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