Why Bergen? It’s Bergenfest!

Last year when I was searching for summer music festival, I ended up attracted to line-up artists at Bergenfest in Bergen. Then decided to volunteer there and got a part in catering team. Yes, you hear it correctly: it has something to do with food. Music and food? Yum. πŸ˜€

Thanks to Charlotte, Kathi, Elvi, and Georg, my fellow volunteers that made it even more fun. Although I have to say the line-up artists this year wasn’t the most exciting one for me, but still, I was back! πŸ™‚

Some people I know (or not) might think my life in Northern Norway must be very exciting, when in fact, it wasn’t. Oh well, northern lights from just through my flat’s window was indeed amazing. I noticed that I started to get to know more people, and in the last few months I also tried to connect more with my classmates. But still it lacked of excitement somehow. One of the things to make my life exciting again is to travel somewhere else, meet people and do things I like or might like. I didn’t have great expectation when decided to take trains all the way from the north to Bergen, to work again at Bergenfest. The train journey was to save money (I spent less than 1000kroner for that, by the way, hurray!) and Bergenfest was the destination.

My first shift was the late shift which means I worked until midnight. All my fellow catering team and the volunteers on the first day was locals (read: Norwegians, particularly from Bergen area). Andreas, the catering team leader was great, always in a good mood. Other catering in charge person was Guro, the only one who wasn’t from Bergen, who was amazing. Elisabeth, I got impression she was kinda grumpy in the beginning, but on the last day I talked properly to her, I made conclusion that everybody was superb! And considering none of them was actually involved in culinary business whatsoever. Thumbs up! Oh, forget to tell you, the catering team wasn’t doing the cooking. We got a super cooking team for that! πŸ™‚


I got shifts that were perfect for my arrival, departure and other schedules in Bergen, that I was very grateful for. Despite the fact that I didn’t manage to see more concerts properly this year, only Lana Del Rey’s and John Mayer’s, I saw Sivert HΓΈyem, Passenger and Tom Odell in the food hall. Those were the ones that I could recognise easily.

Well, I found myself ‘whining’ to a friend that I was wondering why I did this, after the first 8-hour shift full of constant move and lack of talking, I was flat tired. But I survived and enjoyed the other two shifts. Met new friends, had appointment with my Bergen friend Anh-Thu to see Lana Del Rey’s and enjoyed so much sunshine in Bergen. Yes, it was fun, indeed! πŸ™‚



2 thoughts on “Why Bergen? It’s Bergenfest!

  1. Never been in a music festival like this. The one I wanted to attend this year was Jazz Festival in Bromo, but I had to cancel it due to some reasons
    I did volunteer for Makassar International Writer Festival this year and I will write a lot about it.
    Keep writing Nelda

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