Bergen Second Time

I guess my experience in Bergen the year before during Bergenfest was so memorable, I decided to come back. Well, yes, apart from the rain nearly the whole time, left me with only last day with glorious sunshine last year. This year, luckily on the contrary, so much sunshine, left me wet only on the first day. Yeay!

I was thinking to use Couchsurfing for my first night in Bergen and found a profile of a Norwegian guy with mansion who could accommodate up to 20 persons. No joking. Stian was a nice person and quite business-like, I would say. His mansion is located in Ask in Askøy, about one hour by bus from Bergen city centre. I thought it would be cool to experience other part of Bergen and possibility to meet other nice Couchsurfers. Which I did. When I arrived I was picked up by a Slovakian guy, later met Stian, the host, a German, a Canadian, a Belgian, a Romanian couple, a Canadian couple, a Taiwanese, a boy from Hongkong, am I missing anybody? That’s all I can remember.


The mansion

The first evening in Bergen I found myself sitting in an Irish pub called Scruffy Murphy’s, about under the giant screen, where the other pub guests turning their attention to during the world cup’s opening, chatting with a friend on my phone, next to the German couchsurfer trying to get to know better with the Canadian couchsurfer (oh well, it was their last evening together, uuuh), and the Belgian couchsurfer paying attention to the screen while trying to digest the cheapest beverage in the pub, a cup of coffee, which succesfully made his tummy feel something afterwards.

We survived the night and took the bus home. When we got off I spotted a girl with a big backpack and asked right away: Couchsurfing? And yes. Another one, yeay! I ended up sharing room with the German and Taiwanese girls. Fantastic! The next morning we three talked together. I remember asking one question to the German girl resulting in a constant storytelling of her which lasted probably for half an hour? It was amazing how in that short of time we could really get to know her very well. 🙂


The chaos of our room. 😛

And time to take the bus to Bergen with the Taiwanese girl. We wanted to pay the ticket, but the bus driver had problem with the machine, so he let us get in for free. Yes, saved 31 kroner. 😛 Another moment was there were 2 school kids pressed the stop button, but the driver didn’t stop. Oh no. They tried the second time, the bus still went. Somebody told him to stop. Then he did and the door open. Before getting off, one of the kids shouted: “Now we have to walk preeetty long!” In Bergen dialect. Welcome to Bergen! 😉

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