My Longest Train Journey In Norway (Last part: Oslo-Bergen)

I arrived in the hustle and bustle of Oslo Central Station in late afternoon, looking forward to meeting two good friends in the city. Safa is an Indonesian taking Master program at University of Oslo. She was kind enough to show me the way to the good and reasonable kebab restaurant in town. I just can’t help it that nearly everytime I come to Oslo I feel like having kebab time. 😛 So, while eating the 50kroner kebab in pita bread, we started talking about the recent political situation in our country. Trust me, it was just light and fun political talk. 😛

Later on a group of people came in to the restaurant and we found out that half of them were Indonesians. Right. So, we talked to them as well. They were visiting Norway as part of their work in the non-governmental organisation that I couldn’t get the name until we parted. Oh well.

After kebab was eaten up, time to get up for the next appointment. But first, after we crossed the road near the bus station, Safa came up with some personal issues to discuss. So we talked about that a little bit by the traffic light. What a spot, but it was cool. 😀

My other Oslo appointment was with Ghenet, my ex-neighbour in Harstad. Yes, she no longer lives there, leaving me behind with some cutleries, crockeries, and some other stuff that made my flat somehow look more proper. 😀 I visited her in her flat with possibility not only talking to her, but also taking a shower and eating vanilla ice cream. Oh yeay!

For these two ladies, big thanks to you! 🙂

Approaching midnight, I got into my train to Bergen. I sat next to a girl, oh yes, I said hi to her. 😛 But later moved to the seats behind, since they weren’t occupied.


With a purpose to get a long nice sleep on that 7-hour trip. Well, after two wonderful meetings after nearly 6hour stop in Oslo I actually felt so ‘recharged’ and couldn’t get to sleep right away. I was online instead. And, unfortunately, they announced that there might be possibility to change to a buss at Voss due to some technical problem. Which really happened. So after about 5,5 hour trip, they woke us up at 5 in the morning and gave us half an hour to get ready before we reached Voss. Maaan, that was hard. Another 1,5 hour trip by bus, I finally stepped on Bergen soil for the second time. Like the first visit, it was wet from the very first step. 😛

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