My Longest Train Journey In Norway (Part 2: Fauske-Trondheim-Oslo)

I had thought of taking Nordlandsbanen or the Northern Railway quite a while ago and I felt blessed that I finally could do it. I started my journey from Fauske, not exactly from Bodø, since from where I lived (Harstad) it was easier to travel to Fauske. It took nearly 10 hours from Fauske to Trondheim. The train journey is full of spectacular views! I got window seat and nobody sat next to me, which was very good. I thought I missed the spectacular views on the other side, so I decided to move on that side. The train wasn’t full, that was why I could move. But then it doesn’t matter where you sit, you will always get amazing views. No worries. 😉 This train journey is highly recommended! 🙂 After a midnight chat (and sun) I could get my beauty sleep. Here I present you the beauty of the view I could capture that night.


Click here if you would like to find out more about this railway–>

I arrived in Trondheim nearly 8 in the morning. I didn’t bother to ask anybody I know in the city to meet up, since it was pretty early and I stopped only about 2 hours before departing to the next destination. I also thought I would come back to this city the next week anyway. One of the things that I noticed changed at the station was that now we have to pay for going to the toilet.

My next destination was actually Oslo, but from the ticket that I bought, I got the Røros railway, which I never had never taken before, so far I remembered. It means I had to stop at Hamar. It took 5,5 hours from Trondheim to Hamar. It was pretty warm. I got window seat again, but didn’t feel like talking to the person next to me whatsoever, sorry about that. Well, talking about talking to people, since I moved to the north actually I feel that I appreciate more even a small talk. As you might have known that I didn’t really spend time with human beings apart from being in the lectures at school. But I often chose the back seat to get overview of what is going on in the class. Or more or less felt it was better that I was invisible. 😦

Back seat

At this journey from Trondheim, probably because of the sunshine and the warmth, I only could sleep each time probably the longest nearly 15 minutes before I woke up again. 😦 From Hamar I had to go to the other platform to wait for the next 1,5 hour journey to Oslo.

Luckily I got nearly 6 hours in Oslo while waiting for the last train.


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