My Longest Train Journey In Norway (Part 1: Harstad-Fauske)

Since I moved to northern Norway I can’t remember how many times I felt that it had been long time ago since I travelled somewhere when in fact it wasn’t really long time since last time. *sigh*

Having a status as a pure student without any job whatsoever, completed my status as if not the poorest, then one of the poorest students in Norway, who kind of stuck in the flat most of the time befriending the internet. Oh well. Therefore I really had to think insanely creatively to find a way to enjoy my holidays, after my first year of school, without breaking the bank.

I learned here that if I want to get what I want, I have to take initiative or ask. Not only once, often more than once. The more the better. People won’t just offer you help with something. Not because they don’t want to help. They just don’t know. They don’t know because they don’t really talk to you. And as you might guess, back to zero, you have to take initiative to start doing the talking. At some point I was kind of tired of the situation I was in. 😦 I wanted something exciting!

Long story short, as the result of my solitary searching purely on the internet. I found a bargain for train ticket that would take me on the longest train journey in Norway. Even in the beginning I didn’t realise that my arrival would be 2 days after the departure. 😀

I started to embark on my journey from my flat at 14.30 by taking the local bus to the bus terminal, which means I had to wait for the next bus nearly an hour. Bus number 250 would take me to Lødingen, and according to the schedule that I checked on the website, I would change bus twice. When in fact only once and we would take ferry from Lødingen, which means: Yeay! Altogether from Harstad until I reached Fauske, it took nearly 6 hours and it costs me less than 400 NOK.

I stopped in Fauske, sitting in the waiting room at the station for about 45 minutes, having my fishy dinner. All food left in my flat was fish, so I just cooked everything and yeah, I brushed my teeth afterwards. 😛

A few minutes before 10pm the train arrived, off I went to embark on my longest train journey in Norway!



2 thoughts on “My Longest Train Journey In Norway (Part 1: Harstad-Fauske)

  1. Hi Nelda its me denti . misssss you soooooo much s everything there?by the way where else can I reach you? Thanks dear

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