Sun and Paper

Perhaps not the best combination when the sun shines gloriously here in the north right when you are supposed to finish the paper from school. This week we have been very blessed indeed with such a warm weather. But I believe the others talked a lot about the weather much already, so I’d better talk about what I experienced during the days when I was trying to force myself to be in one piece to finish my paper.

After the first consultation the previous week with my lecturer, when she started to understand what I was going to write, I gained somehow more confidence: Oh yes, she got it! Don’t blame me to be this innocently happy, when the first email I sent regarding the topic I would like to write, got an answer from her: I don’t really understand, Nelda. Err. T_T

The second consultation made me even happier since my lecturer said that she could follow the thread what I was writing. Yuhuu… So the day after I went to school to sit there trying to get some inspiration for the conclusion. Man, I sat around 2 hours and what I was reading over and over again on the internet was how to write a conclusion. Happy moments didn’t last forever. 😦 Why did this paper not want me to finish it? 😛

I saw a girl sitting in front of the computer next to me and I started to stare at her. She turned and I began to talk to her. Yeah, about exam and stuff. Did I get inspiration to write something? Not really. It was just nice to talk to someone. 🙂 I went down afterwards intending to go home, when I saw 2 of my classmates. So I stayed. With one of them I was just talking and giggling, ugh, how good it felt, then topic about laptop came up. How many laptops have you got? I asked. I got two, the small one from high school, you know, she answered. Haven’t you got it as well? She later asked. Err, first, I didn’t go to high-school here. So I told her. I should have added that I was finished high-school in 90s? Hm, perhaps it might just emphasize how old I am. 😛 And I managed to start writing something! What a bless. Laughter is indeed the best medicine.

Today I came to school again and worked with some more classmates, oh well, we didn’t really work together, it was more that we helped each other. It was nice. Thank you! 🙂

And back to the sun. I walked to school back and forth for 3 days in a row. Now I am just just taking a rest and hoping for the weekend with some activities involved lake, flipflops and eventually jumping into water. Is it called swimming? 😛

I jump you jump


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