The Three Of Us

This is not a love triangle. Otherwise it will be a bit crowded, I would say. Sorry to disappoint you. 😛 This is about me and two other girls that I got to know during my stay in UK ten years ago and we befriend each other since. We don’t contact with each other on regular basis, though, and haven’t even met again altogether at the same time since we sort of parted, that ten years ago. Anyway we caught up again on skype to try to keep updated just recently. I am not intending to introduce them whatsoever, since that’s not the point. But our updated general view on so-called relationship that matters. 😛 One of us would never ever get married. Noted. One of us is really trying hard to get baby and thinks that would be nice combined with a good father. You certainly think none of those views is mine, don’t you? Well, then what about me? Yeah, that would be nice with babies, so? Yeah, I would get married one day, so? I guess I am just trying to play it safe. 😛

Other thing. They thought it would be nice to visit me one day here in the north. But, unfortunately, I scared them by showing them view outside my flat that was still covered in snow. They took the words back. Question: How is the temperature there, Nelda? Me: It’s probably 1,2 or 3? They: What??? Here it’s 2 and 3 joined together, you know, 23! Hahaha, girls, you made my day. 😉 We really should meet up at some point and cheers for the future! 🙂




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