How To Survive The Long Easter Holiday

It wasn’t my first Easter holiday here in Norway the previous week. However, I felt that I survived the holiday and did it pretty well without involving any travel whatsoever and hear, hear, the most hideous fact is that I spent it on my own! Hmm, perhaps many of you don’t really understand why it matters so much to survive Easter holiday. Let me explain to you, I am student, remember? Now I am on my internship. On Friday before the Palm Sunday, I had mid-evaluation for my internship and it means the holiday kind of started that afternoon when I was finished with it. Which means, even when the holiday started the next day, it would be 10 days off before I would go back to my internship. Ten days, ladies and gentlemen. Isn’t it that looong?

So, what did I do?

1. Talk to People. I started off my first holiday afternoon by chatting to some friends about different matters, such as bullying and some psychiatric problems. Very interesting topics but no the lightest, to be honest. At the end of those conversations, I had to talk to a friend on the phone to loosen things up. Which worked pretty well.

2. Do the house chores. If you don’t have much time to do them when you are not on holidays, now this is the goddamn right time! I might have mopped 3 times during the holiday. Oh well, different part of the flat every time, though. But my toilet always got its turn!

3. Cook your favourite (easiest and cheap) meal. I’ve lost count how many times I cooked fried rice. As long as I had soya sauce and sweet soya sauce from home, fried rice or nasi goreng would always be just fine.

4. Internet is always a friend. I’d be bored to death without it in such a long holiday, I must admit.

5. Watch films. Easy option. I thought of going to the cinema actually. But then I started with watching some films on the internet in the beginning. Later I felt like watching Indonesian films, and I ended up watching 8 films until the end. And it made me pretty homesick. 😦 The idea of going to cinema was abandoned nicely since I was too occupied with watching films at home and oh well, I was just being lazy to even walk down to the town centre.

6. Skype is another saviour. I managed to talk to a friend for hours, and by this means as well I wrote my own record by having called my mother nearly every day during the holiday. There was a day when I talked to not only my mother, but also my father and one of my sisters (the other one I couldn’t get hold of), and it made me have no necessity whatsoever to talk to other people. This time I can say, family is all that matters. 🙂

7. Make a trip when weather allows. As a poor student, I still thought of planning to go to a daytrip to Svolvær in Lofoten. When I got up in the morning, I found out that it was snowing with strong wind. Later when I made my breakfast and ate, the sun came up. When I thought it should be ok to go, the snow came again. I made up my mind to stay at home. When the sun came up again just a bit later, I didn’t bother. Save the trip for the summer. It was such a changing weather on one day.

Easter holiday blogpost

So, I might not have made this kind of epic picture anymore this year, as one of the results of being bored because of the Easter holiday 2 years ago, but I must say I survived this year! 🙂

But, surprisingly, this blogpost is the result of being suddenly inspired in the middle of my situation of being bored after Easter holiday. Well, reality bites, I’m afraid.


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