Recently I have been thinking about what I have ever seen when I was in primary school. I used to live in a military based area, since my father was in the air force. I went to the school in the area too. It was not only for children whose parents were in the air force actually, it was open, but most of the kids who went there, had parents in military. What I remember, in my class, there was a girl, who lived somewhere else and none of her parents were in military. Who was bullied by most of the boys in the class. I felt disgusted now thinking about it. She used to be shunned by mostly boys. They considered her as a virus or something impure. Very sad just to remember that. There was kind of conception that they who lived somewhere else than us were just different. Presumably the reason why she was bullied was not only that she lived somewhere else and her parents weren’t in military, but might also be physically as well. Since she wasn’t the only one who was ‘different’. But it couldn’t be justified whatsoever. Bullying is never justified.

Surprisingly I still remember her full name and I gave my time to google her, but unfortunately found nothing. I am really curious, wondering how she is now. Don’t you feel curious sometimes how and whereabout your childhood friends are? And the bullies? Hope they regreted what they have ever done.

Related to this bullying topic, I’ve got a friend who has eating disorder. She got it just some years earlier. She told me that she was hit by her sibling when younger and was bullied at school as well. Horrific. It might all be psychologically taken into effect now. What I can do is only listen to what she says, and sometimes ask her questions, which will hopefully not be burden to her. Recently she got another diagnosis related to her unstable personality. Sometimes I hope that I can help more, perhaps go to meet her in person and talk about lots of nice things, if that helps at all. Or the least probably give her a hug.


Say No to bullying!



7 thoughts on “Bullying

    • Kalau cuma iseng atau nakal sesekali tanpa efek yg berarti mungkin masih bisa ditoleransi, tp kalau bullying ini kan yang berulang-ulang dan efeknya lebih besar. Dulu waktu saya SD mungkin sudah merasa itu aneh, tp memang nggak bisa apa-apa. 😦

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