It’s The Text

So, I and a classmate agreed to meet up somewhere in town for pizza one afternoon after our internship. There was something that I was wondering so I asked him the possibility to meet the day before. I had to ask him his phone number as well, since I realised I didn’t have his for all this time. Yeah, after 7 months here I didn’t bother to have all my classmates’ numbers. Good or bad? Depends. I have long free minutes on my phone that I hardly use. Social media is the most used means to contact each other nowadays, I believe.

Anyway, it’s not what we were talking about what I am going to tell you here, it’s more the texts we exchanged prior to the meeting. 😛

We agreed to meet up at 16.

At 14.27 he wrote: Peppes (the name of the restaurant) at 16.00?

Me: Jepp

I went to school to print out something and got his next text at 15.36: Can we meet tomorrow perhaps?

I thought, WTH, it was like 24 minutes prior to the agreed meeting time. I was really looking forward to eating already. Five minutes later I replied: Why not today?

No answer until 16 minutes later and I text him again: Alright, I have to go back to school again tomorrow anyway. (So we could meet the next day, that’s what I mean here).

Then at 16 sharp he text me: My mom started already to cook dinner for us when I got home. 😛 But tomorrow 100% sure we will meet at Peppes at 16.02. (I had no idea why he started with this .02 instead of 16 sharp. So don’t blame if i imagined him starting with peeling the potatoes or carrots or whatever and chop them as his mom wished, inbetween the time while I was waiting for his reply. 😛 Oh well, I didn’t know that his mom was there and oh yeah, so sweet of his mom. 😛 But, why not any apology for this cancellation? Hmmm…)

The next day I text him: If you want to spend more time with your mom today, I’m absolutely fine with that. Just let me know.

Less than one hour he replied: I’m ready for Peppes at 16.02! (Oh yes, with exclamation mark!)

Me: I’m not sure I would be finished 16.02. The earliest probably 16.07. 😛 Can you wait a bit?

Him: Hmm, yes, it’s fine 16.09

Him again: Yeah it’s fine to wait, so I can take a shower

Me: Good!

At 15.50 Him: When are you finished?

15.55 Me: I don’t know, I am on my way to school now and need to go to post office afterwards. What do you think, is it ok we meet 16.30?

He text me right away: It’s fine with 16.31! (what a freak, I thought. 😛 )

So I finally made to the restaurant at 16.33 without any sign of him.

At 16.36 he text me:  Now I am outside Peppes

16.37 Me: Come in!

It was a fun afternoon, and the pizza too. When I had a look at the texts again later, I thought, that was ridiculously funny, so why not as a blogpost? And of course, Morten, I dedicate this whole blogpost for you, and it will stay here as long as I wish! 😛

Wondering who’s Morten? This is a clue! 😀



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