My First Book Is Published!

Yes, my first book is published! Oh hell, yeah! I can’t believe I ever have the chance to say such a thing! *happy face*

This is my first book project. This has been my long dream, to be able to publish a book. I started to read some travel books since I lived the first time in Norway in 2002, one of them that impressed me was Bill Bryson’s. I remember the first time I started to write my travel stories on free homepage, and the feeling when I got the response from my friends, I was very happy. The idea behind writing my own travel stories actually to share the stories with my friends, and I found that writing the same story over and over again to different friends via email could be tiring and of course it took time. I found one email that I sent to different people at the same time was very impersonal, so I tried writing on the homepage instead. It crossed my mind to write a book oneday, but many years ago I felt that I didn’t have enough stories to compile and to share yet. I guess it was just justification. Stories are always a lot to find, I was just not ready yet, or lazy, or less confident. There are always many excuses. It starts just with willingness, mind you.

So, in 2012 I compiled the stories that I have ever written, and I asked my ex-manager when I worked in a British organisation back in Jakarta, to read some of the writings and asked what he thought about them. Why him? When I worked there, I feel that I learned pretty much and lucky to get to know him, who has worked as journalist and photographer and lived in several different places in this world too, which made him have a lot of stories to tell. The self-publishing company that I use to publish this book I got to know first time when I worked in that organisation as well. We had an international competition (the winners would be sent to UK to compete with other winners from other countries) and one of the categories was interactive. I had fun going around and browsing the internet to find out who would be interested, so in short to find the potential, not only applicants, but also winners! One of them was the chief technical officer (CTO) of this self-publishing company. At that time it was something new and not something big (yet), however I felt that there was potential. However, the CTO couldn’t complete the application form due to her busy schedule. I was a bit disappointed, but later when I moved to Norway, I followed its progress and it got significantly bigger. Glad to know that! 🙂

I’m being naive that the end result (the selling) was not the main reason of why I published a book. I tell you why? In Indonesia the publishing industry has been not something that could make someone survive by doing it solely. You seldom heard that someone is an author or a writer or novelist as their main occupation in Indonesia. Normally they have their main job and publishing books only what they do in their spare time or as sidejob. But surprisingly, the last few years, I noticed that this industry has developed quite significantly. I never know about the numbers, but the feeling, the enthusiasm, especially from the youths in this field has been very surprising! This is a very good sign.

There was a feeling of lack of confidence on my side, to be honest, so therefore I wanted to give this first project as my first learning process to get better. I got to know the editor on twitter, as our writings were chosen as two of 30 stories that won Traveling Note Competition held by a publisher in Indonesia. The book was published in summer 2013. I wrote about my first experience attending Tromsø International Film Festival here in Norway.

The editing process didn’t take long time, since I felt that the editor was very responsive and helpful. I actually thought to give myself this book as present of my 35th birthday. Oh well, it didn’t go as planned, though, to be finished a little while after my birthday in August. However, I still hoped that this book somehow would be published when I was still 35. 😛 Which it was.

Now about the cover. I have known the designer for some years. I know that she graduated from design school at a university in Jakarta, later she took a Masters degree in UK for something bigger. I’d never seen her works, to be honest, I just felt that it was her passion, and I always admire someone who is passionate about something and they got the chance to do it and show it. Bless you! In the beginning she joked that I just needed to pay her with a bowl of noodle when I went home to Jakarta hahaha Long story short, everybody got paid, and hopefully everybody was happy. 😀

I have to say, again, I’m happy. The appreciation from friends and acquiantances have been delightful so far. This is my first project, cheers!

I don’t know what to expect, the reviews from them who read the book, etc. I know this book needs a lot of improvement. The learning process has been great, but I know there are a lot of things to do still!

Check out the book Unfortunately it’s only available in Bahasa Indonesia. To buy it, just send email to They’re very responsive, I must say. 🙂

I really do hope that you’ll enjoy my book! 🙂 Taraaaaa! *good bye said by the English speaking Welsh in Wales* 🙂

My Journey Begins-Nelda-Sampul Lengkap



22 thoughts on “My First Book Is Published!

  1. aihh.. keren banget nelda!
    promise you I’ll buy the book.. gak minta 😛
    maybe someday we would meet, and then I’ll have you sign that book…

    sukses yaaaaahhhh

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