No Internet?

Alright, this is not a blogpost about not having internet connection. A while ago I watched a video on youtube asking Would You Rather stuff, meant to be fun stuff, but one of them was pretty serious, I reckon. The question asked is Would you rather have no internet connection or no friends? I knew the answer immediately, that I would rather have no internet connection than no friends. I know internet is a fabulous invention, it connects you with friends anyway. But, it’s still different, in my opinion.

Last night I came across and watched the film mentioned there. Warning: The film contains some scenes that are unsuitable for all ages. This film is really interesting and that is something that we might deal on daily basis, that is internet. Well, not exactly same case like what happens there, but we know it somehow that it might happen to if not us, to some people around us.

Back to the first paragraph about friends is something that I’d rather have, but it seems that I have to be satisfied with having internet connection instead and deal with it. I even said to myself and couple of people I know that internet is my best friend. Pathetic as it might sound. What can I do if it was the only source where I could go to?

Okay, now here comes the sharing. Yesterday I got oral exam, which I actually didn’t have great expectation of getting very high mark, to be honest. But then when I was at it and things started to be not going well, I thought, here comes the shitty things, there you go, have fun with it! Gee, it was sooo close I could make both of questions, halfway already, and I failed. The feeling? Dissatisfaction. A huge one. And whom to share with at that moment? No one particular. Oh well, I got what I wished for actually, to pass the exam, but that crappy moment not being able to answer correctly, it haunted me for hours.

And yeah, as you might have guessed, I ended up sitting in front of the screen of my computer afterwards, since I didn’t feel like doing anything special and that was the only thing that I could do. And when it seems that people prefer to talk through the internet to talk directly in person, which I unfortunately do as well, ouch, I must question the whole point of being existent at all when you sat somewhere in the room, but it seemed you were invisible, or when you voice wasn’t heard, or when you wanted something, you got no answer back. Oh well, the answer was positive but nothing followed it up. At the end you will feel that there is no point to be visible, to say what you want to say, or even to voice something. You will end up anyway coming to the stage where internet is your best friend. Blimey.

Anyway, there was something that I found interesting, because I started to ask a few friends whom I considered not knowing me very well enough, what I would become if I wouldn’t be doing related to what I am studying now. Surprisingly, one of them answered exactly what I had in mind. Bingo!

The point of this blogpost is still that friends is something that I’d rather have than internet connection. And I don’t think I can manage to be bored to death on my own, waiting for something to happen. Now I will get up and take a shower, for a start. And lesson learned, I should pray for something that is more specific and concrete, not only something on the surface. Whatever it means. 😛

Oh yeah, I’ll stop here. Enough of the moaning and groaning for today. It’s bloody weekend, man!


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