Morning Mood

I guess I was pretty lucky to have a coaching session a few weeks ago as part of the seminar in which I took a part (no, it wasn’t part from school). Where I could talk about anything, any ideas I got, for nearly an hour. And I mentioned that I was interested in moving pictures. I volunteered in some film festivals in Indonesia and Norway and the atmosphere somehow involves lots of feelings, that makes them always exciting for me. I know very well it’s a looong way to go if I would like to involve myself in any filmmaking, so I stayed back in my cozy little flat on the hill somewhere in Harstad, Norway, browsing the internet and I ended up downloading an editing software, Movie Maker, which I found out later is installed in German. Right.

However, after a few hours trial, putting pics that I took when I was home in Jakarta last January, I successfully finished my first ever series of pictures that I later uploaded on Youtube. The feeling? Gosh, I think the last time I got this kind of feeling was when I found out that I got an Autographer camera for free in December. Very very happy. It beats the feeling when I passed the exam. 😛

Without further ado, enjoy my first series of Jakarta pictures!


All the pics were taken with Autographer. That’s a wearable camera, that will take pics itself without me having to push the button, while it’s hanging round my neck. Intelligent, right? 🙂

And today, here we go, a week passed, I decided to compile another pics, editing and squeezing to be precise, from nearly hundred pics into about seventy eight accompanied by this amazing Grieg’s Morning Mood. This time, I’m afraid, the pics involved look very gloomy. What do you expect from one morning in Northern Norway in February? 😛

But, this might be a bit interesting for you who might wonder how it looks like to be in this part of the world where I am, walking in one winter morning.

Now, I believe you can see the difference, the colourful and dark side of this world. 🙂


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