Tromsø Second Time

This wasn’t on my things-to-do list in 2014 actually, but when I visited Tromsø International Film Festival website in November last year, I just thought, hey, let me volunteer, it’s not very far now. So I registered and got the shift already in the first week of December.

Tromsø can be reached in 3 hours by boat from where I live. It costs a fortune, I tell you. I got a value card and it gave me some discount, but still. They have special price for the young adult, but yeah, you know me, I’m excluded. 😛

So, this was my second time to attend the film festival (the first time was in 2012) and I was glad that this time I was part of it. I worked in Verdensteatret, checking the tickets and tidied up the cinema everytime one film was finished. It was fun and I worked with great people.

Tromso1Some minutes after my arrival in Tromsø. Nope, I wasn’t going to the hairdresser. 😛

Tromso2The hotel receptionist handed me the key for the room 

Tiff1Getting my volunteer ID

Verdensteatret3Verdensteatret foyer, small but nice

Verdensteatret4Toilets at Verdensteatret

I managed to watch 7 films, among them are two made by Kurdish directors and one Indonesian (yuhuuu an Indonesian film took part! – it was ‘What They Don’t Talk About When They Talk About Love). Kurdistan was one of the themes in the festival and I was glad that I could see some of the films and got some knowledge (still very far from a lot) about it. Very strong films, especially ‘The Road’, a film from 80s that impressed me.

Tromsø, thank you!

All pics here are taken with Autographer.


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