Welcome January!

Happy New Year 2014! All the best for the New Year!

It’s been more than 2 weeks since my last post here. Busy? Err… By the way, I divided my last holidays into 3 parts (of 3 weeks), the first week having fun doing the culinary tour and meeting friends in Berlin, the second week back in Norway writing my experience in Berlin for my blog, and the last week (after New Year) preparing for anatomy and pathology exam – it was a home exam, but still…

Unfortunately I won’t continue my culinary tour story in Berlin here. I’ve been thinking to self-publish it as a book, with more details and pics. Woohoo. Let’s see. If you know somebody who might be able to help me edit the English version of it, I’ll be very glad. Ah yes, it’s a paid job. 🙂

Good news in December is that I won a camera called Autographer. Click here for more about this great hands-free camera. I took a part in the competition held by a British travel blogger, Monica Stott, who is also a freelance social media specialist. Visit her blog The Travel Hack, you’ll read lots of her great travel stories.


This is my Autographer. I’m a happy winner. 🙂

I knew January would be involving lots of things (for me to do and to think about). Among them is to skip some lectures to go to the film festival in Tromsø. Oops… It was a bit headache, though, to find out just a few days prior to the festival that the classes that I would have to skip were obligatory. Right. Hey, do you know the definition of quality of life is your personal satisfaction (or dissatisfaction) with the cultural or intellectual conditions under which you live (as distinct from material comfort) according to The Free Dictionary? Well, I guess I just tried to balance my current life with some cultural activity which I like to have good quality of life. 😉

More story and pictures from Tromsø trip coming soon. Meanwhile, I let you enjoy one of my first shots with Autographer, taken from a class in my college.

first shot autographer


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