Hunger Journey – Berlin Day 5

Day 5 came. I felt like having an Indian food. For that when I was on the way, I was browsing some possible nice destination in Prenzlauer Berg. It seemed I didn’t have enough of Prenzlauer Berg yet, after walking much with Tika on the previous evening, continued with Anora until late. I got off at Eberwalderstrasse, turned to the left, crossed the road, went straight ahead until I found Lychenes Strasse. I passed Himalaya restaurant, then remembered I read about it on the internet earlier and thought why not? So I walked back and came into the restaurant.

It was a quiet lunch time. It might not be the best time for the restaurant, but definitely good for me. The friendly Indian-looking waiter came to me as soon as I took my seat.  I checked the menu. Basically I just wanted something Indian, so nothing specifically. Fish curry sounded yummy to me, it was redfish fillet in spicy garlic curry sauce, to be precise. It cost 7 Euro. Plus lychee nectar, 2 Euro. The food came and the portion was big enough and looked mouthwatering. I was a happy customer. 🙂

Hunger journey-Berlin-Himalaya

Anora suggested me to go to Mauerpark as there was flea market every Saturday, and it was near Eberwalderstrasse. I followed my map and saw the park by the big road but not yet a crowd. I walked closer and found the big sign that said Fleamarket Every Sunday. Oh well. I just saw some people walked there to find Christmas tree. That was not something I was looking for, so I left. I crossed the road and thought of wandering around a bit by the tram. I stopped somewhere, felt a bit lost then soon found my way to S-Bahn station Greifswalder Strasse. Before taking the S-Bahn, I felt like visiting Aldi supermarket and was delighted to see different kinds of chocolate there, with more reasonable prices. I put a happy smile. Unfortunately I had such a small suitcase with me so I wouldn’t be able to stuff so many things inside it. Well, you can’t get everything you wish you had, can you? So, two packages of mini Ritter Sport, Toffifee, Snickers and Edel Marzipan would be my choice this time. 😀

From Greifswalder Strasse I took Ring route until Bundesplatz then changed to U-Bahn until Kurfürstendamm. Anora planned a barbecue in the evening, she invited some friends and it would be just next door. I had still some time before heading back for barbecue. So I thought it would be appropriate time for afternoon cake. I walked my way to Savigny Platz area since last time while I was here trying to find Good Friends restaurant, I saw some nice cosy eating places. I just walked a bit and then saw BagCo and thought, alright! Check out, I visited the one on Kantstrasse. I came in and had a look at the varieties of cakes they got. It was another mouthwatering moment. I decided to try Apfelzimt cake or in English it’s apple and cinnamon cake, 2,80 Euro, plus grapefruit 1,90 Euro. I really thought it was guava, because the colour looked really like guava. I wasn’t really fan of grapefruit. But what can I say? Too late, it was open already. The cake was reaaally good, especially the pastry. The pieces of apples were pretty big. It was only a few customers in the cafe, it was bright light, not dim, and they played somce nice classic music. It was relaxing. That was a nice cosy place to have a chat with a good friend. The girls sitting next to me having that kind of good-friends-talk.

Hunger journey-Berlin-BagCo

It was Saturday and it wasn’t over yet. Barbecue and more food and talks coming soon. 🙂


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