Hunger Journey – Berlin Day 4 Part 2

I met Tika at Alexander Platz station. I suggested her earlier that we could have something Lebanese for our lunch. We headed for Prenzlauer Berg. There was a Japanese restaurant on my list in that area, but I would stick to my previous preference, Lebanese, and it seemed Tika knew where we should go.

It was Babel restaurant at Kastanienallee 33 – I begged Tika to ask if they used Halal meat on the menu. They did, so I chose biryani lamb dish. It cost 8 Euro, which was pretty reasonable. The portion was just right, in my opinion. It looked fantastic, colourful and appetizing. I was quite occupied talking with Tika, trying to catch up, what we had missed in the previous years. I got however the chance to catch some glimpse on how the cook was decorating the dish.

Hunger journey-Berlin-Babel
The restaurant had its own style. Some people like places with homey feeling, some people like places with certain style. About this restaurant I would say I felt somewhere else, not home, which I found good. I liked the biryani rice. The size of meat was not too big, not too small. The salad was plenty. It was just perfect.

Although in the beginning I considered the portion wasn’t huge, but after I was finished eating, it gave me some reaction in my stomach. Oh no! Thankfully everything was under control. 😉 We then decided to walk around in Prenzlauer Berg. It was well-known area, where many of the inhabitants were young people or young family, between 25-45 years old. Which means that would be likely involving children. My question why I didn’t see many children the first few days in Berlin was eventually answered. As we wandered the streets in Prenzlauer Berg for the sake of enjoying the view and having conversation while walking, I started to see more and more children.

We walked more and took some pictures, then we felt it was time for afternoon coffee and cake. I wanted cake, Tika wanted coffee. She suggested our next stop would be Anna Blume on Kollwitzstrasse. The cafe might look just nothing extraordinary, in my opinion. The waiters were very smiley and cheerful, I think that was the highlight of our time there. Oh, and the whole lot of choices of cakes! I chose New York cheese cake. Remember the previous evening when I should resist gorgeous cheese cake at Markthalle Neun? The moment of truth of having cheese cake eventually came. This was it! That was very delicious simple cheese cake. It cost 3,80 Euro. The cafe was probably not your ideal venue for having a nice cosy and quiet time, since they got quite high turnover of happy customers. I suppose it was pretty popular. Anna Blume might not be the funky and hip kind of cafe, it was more family cafe, where you can take your whole family, your girlfriends/boyfriends, little baby, anybody. That was what I could see.

Was it our last stop for the day? Fortunately not. Tika and I continued our wandering, I then spotted Pizza Nostra. Okay, my statement on previous day about not having Italian restaurant on my list was in fact not quite true. I had one! My stomach would probably not so happy about getting another foods, but it was already in front of me. Come on, Nelda! Just have it a go! Tika insisted to buy one slice to try. I said I would have a small bite, which I did. She bought one slice of Margherita to take away, 2 Euro. I read some reviews, checked their website and even saw one video on youtube featuring this tiny authentic Pizza Nostra. The Italian ambience with the real Italian cooks it was. As they cooked the pizza from stone bake oven, it would give you a bit of black spot by touching the bottom of pizza slice. It tasted very nice. So pity I could just manage to have a small bite. My favourite two words for this case: Next time!

Hunger journey-Berlin-Pizzanostra

When it was approaching 8pm, we were walking to the cinema. As Anora appeared, it was then time to part with Tika. According to texts from Anora earlier, it sounded that she was a bit hesitant about going to cinema. This is the story. Most of the films in foreign languages at cinemas in Germany would be dubbed in German. Apart from animated films, I guess it is necessary for me to watch a film in their original version, if I don’t understand the language then I would expect some subtitle. If it was a German film, I wouldn’t really mind. The problem was probably not to understand it properly. So a film that might suit our chosen time was Fack ju Göhte. Err, yeah, it doesn’t sound pretty nice, eh? Perhaps it wasn’t the best choice, but I wasn’t being fussy. It was Anora who in fact was in doubt if we would enjoy it at all. So we cancelled the whole cinema thing.

No cinema then. Where shall we go? Anora was in fact very starving. So a trip to s restaurant would be definitely a good idea. She chose Houdini restaurant, still in Prenzlauer Berg. It was time for some Indian culinary experience. Only for her. No more space for my digestion, unfortunately. We came in, took a seat, Anora chose what she would like to have right away. I can’t give any reviews regarding the food, but I could see the hospitality was pretty good. At least the waiters who served us, they were friendly and smiley. I always think smile is important in hospitality business.

Four days were over. Two more days. I was looking forward to having those days with different experiences.


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